The New TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Date and GMT | What You Need to Know

The New TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Date and GMT | What You Need to Know

TAG Heuer has long been synonymous with precision and style, whether on the racetrack or in the depths of the ocean. The Aquaracer line, which took over from the 2000 series in the mid 2000s, exemplifies this dual heritage. The 2021 revamp of the Aquaracer brought sharper lines and a fresh appeal. Now, TAG Heuer has raised the bar again with the latest Professional 300 Date and GMT models. These new timepieces look great and they boast significant mechanical upgrades too.


Sleeker and Smarter Design

Perfect Fit and Finish

One of the first things you'll notice about the new Aquaracer Professional 300 Date models is the refined size. The case diameter is down from 43mm to a more wrist friendly 42mm and the thickness is up by 0.5mm. Having worn various sized watches over the years, including the 43mm predecessor, I can attest that these changes, though they may seem marginal, will significantly enhance the comfort levels of the watch.


Dial Upgrades

TAG Heuer has introduced some stunning dial options: black with a light blue seconds hand, navy blue with an orange hand, and green with a yellow hand. The wave patterned dials replace the old horizontal lines, adding a dynamic look that's both modern and timeless. The applied indexes are larger, making them easier to read, while the segmented hour hand adds a point of difference.

Illuminating Performance

The new Aquaracer models feature two colours of Super-LumiNova, ensuring they are legible in any lighting condition. The glowing minute and seconds hands, combined with a blue luminous triangle at the 60 minute mark on the unidirectional dive bezel, make sure these watches easily legible.


Mechanical Mastery

New Movement, New Capabilities

Inside the new Aquaracer Professional 300 Date models beats the TH31-00 caliber, a movement developed with AMT, TAG'S sister company. This automatic movement offers an impressive 80 hour power reserve, a significant upgrade from the previous 38 hours. It's also COSC certified, ensuring top notch accuracy.

GMT Functionality

For those who love to travel, the new GMT models are a perfect companion. Powered by the TH31-03 movement, these watches offer the same robust 80 hour power reserve and COSC certification. The addition of a GMT function allows tracking of a second time zone, with a bi-directional ceramic bezel that features day and night indicators.

Practical Enhancements

Strap and Bracelet Options

TAG Heuer offers both stainless steel bracelets and rubber straps for the new Aquaracer models. The bracelets feature a folding clasp with a double safety push button and a micro adjustment system, perfect for those days when you need to fine tune the fit over a wetsuit or simply adjust for comfort.


Pricing and Availability

Given the substantial upgrades, the price increase for the new Aquaracer models is quite reasonable. The Date models start at CHF 3,500 on a rubber strap and CHF 3,700 on a bracelet. The GMT models are priced at CHF 3,900 for the rubber strap version and CHF 4,100 for the bracelet version. For what you’re getting, these prices are a steal in the world of luxury dive watches.

Final Thoughts

The new TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Date and GMT watches are a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality. With their refined design, enhanced mechanics, and practical features, these watches are set to become volume drivers for TAG. As a direct competitor for Omega's Sea Master 300, this new edition feels like a worthy rival.

For more details and to explore the collection, visit the official TAG Heuer website.

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