kith x tag heuer

Seen On The Wrist Of Max Verstappen

  • In their latest unveiling, TAG Heuer takes a bold step forward by resurrecting the iconic ‘80s Formula 1 timepiece, infused with contemporary craftsmanship and jointly endorsed by renowned streetwear label Kith, this watch is a modern remake on an absolute classic.

  • This release for Kith x Tag Heuer comprises a series of ten new limited edition remakes of the 1986 Tag Heuer Formula one watches. This rebirth has largely stayed in keeping with the original watches. The watches and their colours are named after cities where Kith have stores; including the likes of TAG Heuer Formula 1 Kith New York, TAG Heuer Formula 1 Kith Miami,

  • It's fascinating that for a timepiece honouring TAG Heuer's inaugural design, this model marks the first instance of the brand's shield emblem being combined with another logo. While the "Kith Heuer" emblem on the dial is a visually striking statement, the absence of the TAG Heuer logo is a curious choice.