The Ultimate Guide: Snoopy MoonSwatch Black & White Editions

Welcome to the ultimate guide for the newly released Mission to the Moonphase Snoopy Moonswatch collection. In this guide we delve into the intriguing world of two of the most talked about timepieces in 2024: the all-black 'New Moon' and all-white 'Full Moon' Mission to the Moonphase Snoopy Moonswatch editions.

These timepieces, drawing their inspiration from the beloved Peanuts character Snoopy and the ever mystical moonphase, have charmed collectors and enthusiasts globally. Their fusion of playful charm and an expansion of the already esteemed MoonSwatch collection has elevated them to become two of the most sought after pieces of 2024.

Join us as we explore the nuances between the Black and White models and answer your most frequently asked questions:

Snoopy Moonswatch: Inspiration

In 2022, the watch industry saw a ground breaking fusion with the launch of the MoonSwatch collection, a clever blend of Omega Speedmaster precision with Swatch's signature style. With each of the initial 11 models representing a planet in our solar system, the collection quickly became a sensation. Following that success, Swatch introduced the Mission to Moonshine Gold editions, further solidifying it's place in horological history. Now, in 2024, Swatch and Omega are back at it again with the Mission to the Moonphase Snoopy Moonswatch collection, paying homage to NASA's beloved mascot immortalised by Charles M. Schulz.

Omega has created several limited edition watches inspired by the original Speedmaster Professional. These editions range from racing themed "Michael Schumacher" editions to space heritage themed "From The Moon to Mars" editions. Typically produced in low numbers, these limited runs are highly sought after collector's items due to their historical significance. Notably, the Snoopy Editions stand out as particularly significant, leading Swatch and Omega to collaborate on the Snoopy MoonSwatch.

To learn more about how Snoopy earned his place on the dial of an Omega Speedmaster read here

Snoopy Moonswatch Design

"I Cant Sleep Without A Night Light"

Before delving into the specific design elements of the watch, it's worth noting a delightful design tribute to an early Snoopy comic strip. Dated December 29th, 1962, the strip depicts Snoopy's struggle to sleep in his doghouse. Instead, he climbs onto the roof, lies flat, and declares, "I Can't Sleep Without A Night Light," with the moon serving as his giant night light, aiding in his slumber. This whimsical scene sets the stage for the charm and hidden easter egg of the Snoopy MoonSwatch design.

Snoopy Moonswatch

Mission to the Moonphase Full Moon

Released 26/03/24

The inaugural MoonSwatch launch paved the way for the first Snoopy MoonSwatch, which debuted two years later, commemorating the success of the MoonSwatch collection. Released in a brilliant all-white hue, this edition marked a milestone in the journey of MoonSwatch excellence. The launch also coincided with the full moon of March.

Snoopy Moonswatch

Mission to Moonphase New Moon

Mission to the Moonphase - New Moon
Released 08/04/24

The second Snoopy Moonswatch was launched less than two weeks later on April 8th. Released in a stealthy all-black finish. The launch coincided with the rare solar eclipse. A celestial event that occurs when the moon partially or completely blocks the sun's light, resulting in a temporary darkness.

Snoopy Moonswatch Improvements

The latest model maintains the dimensions of previous MoonSwatches, with a diameter of 42mm and a lug-to-lug measurement of 47.3mm. However, due to the additional complication of a Moonphase, the height has increased by 0.5mm to 13.75mm. Outside of this height difference there are three other key differences distinguishing them.

Upgrade to the acrylic glass

Firstly, the glass receives an upgrade akin to the treatment seen in the Ocean of Storms Blancpain, featuring an anti-scratch coating. This enhancement is a welcomed improvement, addressing concerns about scratching that are common with the initial 11x MoonSwatches. Having worn one since March 26th, the difference is notably appreciated.

Upgrade to the movement

Secondly, the movement of the Snoopy MoonSwatch deserves recognition for the intricate work put into creating a functional quartz Moonphase. The snap back to 12 is notably faster than the original moonswatches when resetting the chronometer, enhancing the overall user experience with its efficiency.

 Upgrade to the strap

Thirdly, although the strap may appear similar at first glance, it's evident upon closer inspection that comfort was a priority in its re-design. Thinner, lighter, and softer, the strap adds to the overall comfort of the watch, ensuring a pleasant wearing experience throughout the day.

What is a Moonphase: Snoopy Moonswatch?

Moonphase watches not only track the lunar cycle but also boast aesthetic appeal and enhanced movement capabilities. The Snoopy MoonSwatch employs a quartz movement with a pre-programmed calendar, automatically adjusting for the varying lengths of lunar months.

This mechanism requires adjustment every 2-3 years to match the exact lunar cycle. Despite technical intricacies, the moonphase complication adds a unique and sophisticated touch to the watch dial, replacing the 3 o'clock subdial.

The Snoopy MoonSwatch's Moonphase


The most significant alteration in this latest version of MoonSwatches is undoubtedly the introduction of the Moonphase feature, which replaces the hour-counting sub dial with a fully functional moonphase display.

Design: I Cant Sleep Without A Night Light

The design depicts Snoopy and Woodstock comfortably nestled within the gentle curvature of a half moon crescent, evoking a sense of tranquillity and companionship under the moonlit sky.

Design: UV Light Required

To reveal the hidden Easter egg title "I can't sleep without a night light" on the watch's face, you'll need a UV light. This title is applied using iridescent ink, visible only under the illumination of the UV light.

Function: Setting the Moonphase

To set the Moonphase on a Snoopy Moonswatch, pull the crown out two clicks. Press the bottom pusher once for one hour click forwards, or press and hold for it to continuously move through the hours. 

A Featurette: Setting the Moonphase on a Snoopy Moonswatch
 Function: Chronograph

With the addition of the moonphase feature, the ability to time in hours is sacrificed; however, the seconds and minutes counters remain fully functional.

Unboxing: The Snoopy Moonswatch


Image: Box and Artwork

Image: What's included in the box?
  • Mission to the Moonphase Pamphlet
  • Direction for use pamphlet 
  • Swatch Warranty card 
  • How to operate manual 
  • Collection pamphlet
Image: Front & Back of The Watch
moonphase rear

Is the Snoopy Moonswatch Waterproof?

Yes the watch is waterproof - The Snoopy Moonswatches boast a water-resistance rating of 3 bar, offering standard splash proof protection while permitting showering and swimming. However, it's essential to ensure the integrity of the crown, pushers, glass, case, and gaskets to maintain water resistance. Manipulating the crown and pushers underwater is not recommended. Like any watch, prolonged exposure to salt water should be avoided due to its corrosive effects. The water-resistance rating corresponds to the pressure exerted during testing according to ISO norm 22810, equivalent to immersion at 30m depth.

Is the Snoopy Moonswatch Limited?

While Swatch maintains that the Snoopy MoonSwatch products are not limited, acquiring them can be challenging. They are not for sale online and releases at stores occur sporadically at selected times, with deliveries happening unpredictably.

How much does the Snoopy Moonswatch cost?

The retail price for the Snoopy MoonSwatch is £270 / $340. However, on the grey market, prices range between £500 and £650, depending on the colour variant.

Where can I buy Snoopy Moonswatch?

You can buy online from or visit your local Swatch store

To find your local store go to All stores

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