Swatch x Omega Seamaster

Greetings, fellow watch enthusiasts and MGB Watches fans! We've got our eyes on the horizon, and there's a buzz in the air regarding the new Swatch x Omega collaboration. After the resounding success of the Speedmaster MoonSwatch and the limited Moonshine Editions launched in March 2022, the anticipation for the Omega x Seamaster is palpable. Join us as we excited to dive into the world of speculation and share our up and coming thoughts!

When will the Swatch x Omega Seamaster become available? 

Our sources tell us, late February to early March is the expected timeframe for the release of this highly-anticipated timepiece. Mark your calendars.

How Much does the Swatch x Omega Seamaster Cost?

While we're still in the realm of speculation, we're estimating a price range of 340-360GBP. An attractive price point for a watch with such intriguing features. This is based on the most recent 11% price increase on MoonSwatch, and the price bracket of the Swatch x BlancPain Fifty Fathoms price point

What Movement Can You Expect in the Swatch x Omega Seamaster?

The Swatch x Omega collaboration is likely to feature the Swatch Sistem 51 movement, known for its reliability and precision.  Offering an automatic movement that enthusiasts trust and appreciate.

What Material will the Swatch x Omega Seamaster? 

We expect a Bio Ceramic case and a Rubber Strap, a combination that not only adds durability but also a touch of eco-friendliness to the mix. It's a testament to Swatches commitment to sustainability.

Where can I buy the Swatch x Omega Seamaster?

For our friends in the UK, we anticipate that these exquisite timepieces will be available in select London stores. Keep an eye out for announcements from Swatch for specific locations. Link below to Swatch Store Locations

What Size and Dimensions will the Swatch x Omega Seamaster be?

The Omega x Seamaster is expected to sport a 42mm case, providing a perfect balance between boldness and wearability. The lug size is estimated to be around 20mm, ensuring a comfortable fit on your wrist.

Swatch x Omega Seamaster Features. 

We fully expect the watch to boast a water resistance of up to 90 meters, perfect for your aquatic adventures. Additionally, a rotating bezel will add a functional touch, allowing you to track elapsed time when diving.

While we eagerly await the official release of the Omega x Seamaster, this sneak peek into what's to come has us counting down the days. Swatch and Omega have a knack for delivering exciting collaborations that capture the hearts of watch enthusiasts worldwide. As the date approaches, stay tuned for updates, official announcements, and availability details. Our sources have confirmed it is coming, just a case of when!

At MGB Watches, we share your passion for timepieces, and we'll be here to keep you informed and ready to add this remarkable collaboration to your collection. Until then, stay tuned, and get ready to embrace anther watch x Omega phenomenon. When the Omega x Seamaster finally arrives on the horological scene. It's sure to be a must-have addition for watch enthusiasts everywhere!

See links to Omega's website to learn more about the Seamaster

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