Swatch Releases New Teaser | What Could It Be?

Following the success of the Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch, Swatch, the iconic Swiss watchmaker known for their vibrant and innovative designs, has just released a teaser for what promises to be their next big thing. The teaser, which dropped June 7th, is already creating significant buzz and widespread speculation.

The Teaser


The teaser, although brief, arrived in the form of a 30 second video on Swatch's social media pages. It features a series of cryptic visuals, showcasing what appears to be four shots of the Earth from space, highlighting seas, clouds, a volcano, and the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). The teaser video then ends with the Text "June 2024"

Speculations and Anticipations

As with any teaser, the internet is rife with speculation, Most comments are buzzing about potential further Omega collaborations, particularly a Seamaster. Last year, we reported and heard from various sources that two additional collaborations were in the works following the Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch.

One rumoured collaboration was between Audemars Piguet and Swatch, and the other was an Omega x Swatch Seamaster partnership.

What we think

Swatch officials have frequently hinted that the Seamaster could be the next big collaboration. The MoonSwatch was an unprecedented success, capturing the market's imagination at the perfect moment. With over 1.7 million units sold in the past two years, it has generated significant revenue for the brand.

Introducing a commercial powerhouse like the Seamaster could be the perfect solution to sustain and boost their momentum.

What we would like to see

Of course, the Seamaster Professional 300m would undoubtedly be the most popular choice. However, following the teaser, we started thinking about the Aqua Terra Seamaster World Timer. The success of the Mission to Moonphase Snoopy has proven that Swatch can create functional complications without relying on finely tuned high end calibre movements. From a water resistance standpoint, the Seamaster 300m would likely present challenges if made from bioceramic. In contrast, the Aqua Terra World Timer with its 150m water resistance rating might be more achievable. This could make the Aqua Terra a more practical choice for Swatch to "Swatchify" while maintaining the integrity and functionality expected.


Release Dates 

From the teaser, we know that June 2024 is the anticipated release time, which means a big reveal is just around the corner. Our best bet for the announcement would be mid month, specifically June 15, 2024.

These thoughts and feelings are, of course, speculative as we try to decipher the teaser. The Swatch Group, being the largest watchmaking group in the world, owns an impressive lineup of brands, so we could be way off the mark. Nonetheless, the excitement and anticipation are undeniable as we await the official reveal.

A Second Teaser

Announced just 24 hours later, on June 8, 2024, a second teaser was posted on Swatch's social media platforms. This teaser shows the blue flight case containing 11 MoonSwatches, suspended above Earth. A smaller turquoise green flight case pushes it aside and is prominently displayed with the Omega x Swatch logo on the lid.

While we aren't certain about the exact product, it's clear that this is another Omega x Swatch collaboration.



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