MoonSwatch - Authenticity Guaranteed

MoonSwatch - Authenticity Guaranteed

A commonly inquired matter addressed by the MGB Team in relation to MoonSwatches pertains to the assurance of authenticity. We recognise the presence of counterfeit MoonSwatches in circulation online, MGB assures its consumers of the sale of exclusively genuine products. This informative guide aims to instil confidence by explaining the meticulous steps undertaken to safeguard the authenticity of your MoonSwatch.

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Where does my MoonSwatch originate?

Our team diligently visits Swatch boutiques daily, ensuring that the MoonSwatch you acquire originates directly from an authorised Swatch boutique. Predominately from UK stores however some are acquired from international boutiques. The watch you purchase from MGB is brand new & unworn; direct from the Swatch boutique.

Neptune at Battersea Powerstation

What is included as part of my purchase?

Every MoonSwatch from our inventory includes the following components straight from the Swatch boutique:

  • Box & Outer Sleeve
  • Inner watch holder
  • MoonSwatch collection pamphlet
  • Information/user guide pamphlet
  • Warranty card
  • Watch with a screen protector on the watch face
  • Additionally, MGB provides the original purchase receipt with your watch.

Swatch phamphlet

Collection/User guide pamphlets/Original receipt/Screen protector 

Should my warranty card be stamped? 

While London stores typically do not stamp warranty cards due to their high footfall, some European stores may follow the practice. However, the absence of a stamp does not impact your manufacturer warranty, as the original purchase receipt serves as comprehensive coverage.

Stamped / Non Stamped Warranty card

What quality checks does MGB perform before shipping my watch?

  • Verification of the Velcro Strap for any bends or damage
  • Chronometer test: A meticulous 5-minute examination of each chronograph to ensure flawless functionality
  • Full visual inspection of the watch case to ensure its pristine condition
  • Visual scrutiny of the glass to ensure its pristine condition
  • Time setting and crown functionality [The time will always be set on arrival of your watch]
  • All MGB photography is inhouse. Website photos are of the exact products. If you would like to see a photo of the specific watch you will receive. We are more than happy to share more images

    This comprehensive guide is intended to instil the confidence requisite for a seamless and assured purchase experience with us. Nonetheless, recognising the importance of personalised assistance in your decision-making process, we acknowledge that you may still wish to engage with a member of our team before committing to a MoonSwatch purchase.

    We offer a 14 day 'No quibble' refund policy if after the above you receive your MoonSwatch and change your mind

    Refund policy – MGB WATCHES

    Feel free to contact us through various channels, including phone, WhatsApp, or our dedicated contact page. Alternatively, for any inquiries, you are welcome to forward your questions to, where a member of our team will be pleased to provide the necessary assistance.

    The only difficult choice now should be which Planet to choose!

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