Snoopy MoonSwatch is a Moonphase: "I can't sleep without a night light"

Snoopy MoonSwatch is a Moonphase: "I can't sleep without a night light"

The latest update from Swatch

Tuesday 19th March 11:02 Swatch have released another teaser on Instagram, this teaser has brought us one step closer to knowing what the features of this eagerly awaited Snoopy MoonSwatch are going to be. 


Snoopy MoonSwatch is a Moonphase!

This latest teaser from Swatch clearly shows a Moonphase in action which is incredibly exciting. Snoopy and Woodstock slumped in the nook of a half crescent moon is a lovely touch, and the video transitioning to dark displaying the lume, brightly lit adorning the Moonphase subdial with "I cant sleep without a nightlight" ads a further Swatchified whimsy play on this new Snoopy MoonSwatch.

It's likely that the Snoopy MoonSwatch will feature a Quartz movement with the moonphase functionality pre-programmed, however this may not be case and the watch could feature a automatic movement utilising the sistem 51 movement used in the Fifty Fathoms Blancpain collection [although we hope not!]

How does a Moonphase work?

Not only do Moonphase watches serve the purpose of tracking the Moons cycle, they are also admired for their aesthetic appeal and enhanced movement capabilities.

If the Snoopy MoonSwatch utilises a quartz movement the moonphase will have a pre-programmed calendar which will automatically correct for the deviation between 29.5 and 30 or 31 days. If the movement for the Snoopy is automatic a 59-tooth gear drives a metal pin that connects to the mechanism of the hour hand, causing it to click forward one notch every 24 hours and shift the moon in the display. This in-turn requires an adjustment every 2-3 years to account for the exact lunar cycle of 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes. 

Technical jargon aside, its a special complex addition to any watch dial which accurately represents the current phase of the moon. In keeping with all other Snoopy Award watches, we suspect this will replace the 9'oclock subdial.

This exciting addition is seen on watches in the Omega Line up such as the "blue side of the moon" Speedmaster Moonphase.

What are the colours of the Snoopy MoonSwatch?

This could be just one watch from a new collection of Snoopy themed MoonSwatches that Swatch release in 2024. This teaser indicates that the dial could be white, especially seeing as Omega recently released the Omega Speedmaster Professional White dial this would be fitting.

The teased White Moonphase subdial could still also mean a 50th Anniversary Snoopy Moonswatch colour way? Maybe inverted Blue and White? 


What does "I can't sleep without a night light" reference

Unlike the other Snoopy Award Omega Speedmaster Professional watches that have some form of reference or nod to NASAs Apollo 13 mission; "I can't sleep without a night light" most likely references the luminescence of the moonphase subdial. You can see this luminescence in the teaser video posted by Swatch, along with a further lumed stars.

Although this watch is unlikely to be inspired by the Apollo 13 landings it does draw inspiration from the Snoopy Award Omega Speedmaster Professional watch collection.

The nod to the Snoopy Award collection is exciting, as these watches are a coveted pieces among collectors, and can fetch a premium of up to £30,000!





Where can I buy the Snoopy MoonSwatch?

As we now count down the days to the 26th March, we are sure Swatch will release more content, and update their online store locator, explaining which stores will be stocking the watch.

If you would like to beat the queues then please sign up to our waitlist

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