Omega Unveils a White Dial Speedmaster

Omega Unveils a White Dial Speedmaster

After a whirlwind of anticipation and buzz on social media, Omega has just unveiled their latest masterpiece: the stunning White Speedmaster. The timing couldn't be more perfect, with the reveal happening on none other than 'Speedy Tuesday', amplifying the excitement among watch enthusiasts worldwide.

This watch has been seen before - during an Omega hosted event in November of last year, the unexpected occurred as Daniel Craig, known for sporting a Seamaster as James Bond, caught everyone's attention with a unique choice.

Instead of his usual timepiece, he flaunted a distinctive version of the iconic Speedmaster, however featuring a light coloured dial. This wasn't the familiar silver dial of the Canopus Gold Moonwatch or an experimental Alaska project Speedmaster. This was infact a white dialled steel speedmaster!


The White Dial

Apart from the striking dial and hands, this new iteration remains identical to its counterpart featuring sapphire crystals and boasting the precision of the Master Chronometer-certified 3861 chronograph movement, it retains the iconic aluminium Dot Over Ninety bezel and maintains the classic 42mm case size. The bracelet is adorned with polished intermediate links, staying true to the original design. While the internals remain unchanged, the real star of the show is undoubtedly the captivating dial.


Drawing inspiration from astronaut suits and the legendary ALASKA I prototype of 1969 watch, the white dial features striking black accents and boasts a sleek lacquered finish. This marks a historic moment for Moonwatch enthusiasts as it is the first time a step dial on a Moonwatch has been adorned with such a glossy touch.

The vibrant red Speedmaster logo and the accent on the seconds hand create a striking contrast against the pristine white dial. Drawing inspiration from the protective case of the ALASKA I watch and the iconic red Commander stripes adorning astronaut suits, these design elements add a bold and distinctive touch to the timepiece.

The newest addition to the collection, the white dialled Speedmaster Professional, is a seriously cool addition to the the permanent line up, easing worries about its status as a limited edition. The watch will be available with three strap options steel, leather, and rubber; so this versatile timepiece will offer a range of styling possibilities. However, with high demand expected, acquiring one may pose a challenge. Look for it soon in boutiques and retailers, priced at £7,600 when paired with the steel bracelet.

You can register your interest with Omega directly - Get your name down here!


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