Swatch x Omega Snoopy MoonSwatch inspired cartoon

Is Swatch x Omega Snoopy releasing soon?

snoopy swatch omega collaboration cartoon

We are all impatiently waiting for Swatch to unveil the next teaser which either gives us a better idea of the product or when it is going to be released. We thought we would bring you some MGB Snoopy inspired artwork with the Swatch x Omega Snoopy render snuck in as a little easter egg. Whilst we are waiting for Swatch we have summarised the last 2 months of activities and answered some of the most asked questions. 

2024 So Far

It has been an exciting start to the year for Swatch, Swatch x Blancpain collaborated on the "Blancpain fifty fathoms everyone wanted". The Ocean of Storms landed 11th Jan with much more gusto than the previous fifty fathom models, as predicted this beautiful sleek black finish has been much more popular and is definitely one we have been wearing around town.

Since the launch of Ocean of Storms there have been two other big new stories worth talking about going on at Swatch. Firstly and most importantly we have had two teasers for the next highly anticipated collaboration, Swatch x Omega Snoopy (Snoopy MoonSwatch). The first teaser landed 24th January on Instagram, this was followed on the 18th February with a second teaser that gave us a little more of a clue when this new collaboration is going to land. As is stands all fingers are pointing to the Snoopy MoonSwatch landing 26th March, to mark the launch of the original MoonSwatch two years prior.

All Swatches Instagram teasers in one place

Snoopy closing the Moonshine box - 24th January


Snoopy carrying a birthday cake with 2 candles - 18th February 


Secondly, we have been following the Sotheby's Moonshine auction closely, this has been fascinating to see Swatch MoonSwatch lovers across the world bid to win a one of a kind collection of the 11 MoonSwatch Moonshine. The last bid was taken on Friday 24th February and the auction closed over a whopping 500,000 Swiss Francs, 

We have been getting a-lot of questions from customers, we have answered some of the most asked with what we know so far.

When is the Swatch x Omega Snoopy due to launch? 

The Snoopy watch, we believe, will launching on the 26th March. This is the second anniversary of the MoonSwatch launch, this is indicated by the second teaser from Swatch where Snoopy is carrying a birthday cake with 2 candles. 

Where will I be able to buy the Snoopy MoonSwatch (Swatch x Omega Snoopy)?

Based on the MoonSwatch, Blancpain and latest Ocean of Storms launch there is a common theme, the watches are generally released in limited, selected locations which is often just one per city. This location would generally be the one that is easiest to manage a big queue. Checkout Swatch's locations

Will the Swatch x Omega Snoopy be a limited release?

Our assumption is that this will not be a limited release, with MoonSwatch and Blancpain still selling well, Swatch are looking for the next momentum driver for the brand. There is one potential option is that the Snoopy is a limited release similar to the MoonSwatch Moonshine and then Swatch look for another permanent collection, check out what we think could be next?

What will the retail price of Snoopy Swatch x Omega be?

Based on the current RRP across the product ranges this would be between £250 and £350.

Current Pricing Structure

MoonSwatch £240 (this price is likely to increase as all other models of MoonSwatch were increased from £207 to £228 to £240 across a 2 year period)

MoonSwatch Moonshine £250 

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms £350 (this price is likely to increase as all other models of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms were increased from £340 to £350 in January 2024)

What is the Likely 'Grey Market Price' of a Snoopy Swatch X Omega?

A Speed Master "Silver Snoopy Awards" 50th anniversary Omega retails directly from Omega at £10,000 in the UK. However grey market prices are between +60-70% increase. You can pick a brand new one up from established re-selling retailers for £16,000 - £17,000.

The hype surrounding a Snoopy Swatch x Omega collaboration, has reached unprecedented heights; inevitably supply & demand will inflate resale prices to astronomical levels. However, at MGBWATCHES.COM we stand firm in our commitment to our customer base. Our ethos is grounded in integrity and transparency, ensuring that our prices remain well below the exorbitant rates of the grey market.

Our mission will always be clear: to facilitate access to exclusive timepieces for our customers, driven not by greed but by a genuine passion for horology.

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