The Journey of MGB Watches: From Timepieces to No Object

The Journey of MGB Watches: From Timepieces to No Object


Greetings, we're Miles and John, the co-founders of MGB Watches, and we're delighted to share the next chapter of our journey with you. As we venture into 2024, we're not only reflecting on our achievements but also introducing you to our exciting new endeavour, No-Object. So, sit back and join us as we dive into the evolution of our brand and the birth of our new company No-Object.

Our story began in June 2022, kindled by our unwavering love for watches. It all started with Miles, a passionate watch collector who can still recall the thrill of queuing up at London's Carnaby Street Swatch Store during the Omega x MoonSwatch launch. Whilst unsuccessful on that day, over the next two years, he embarked on a mission to collect all 11x variations of the MoonSwatch. Along the way, he became an active member of watch forums, Facebook, discords, and Reddit communities; sharing in the collective frustration of fellow enthusiasts trying to obtain these coveted timepieces.

Miles, with over two decades of experience in management roles within the retail industry, knew the critical importance of delivering impeccable customer service and ensuring timely product delivery. Miles had worked for prestigious brands such as Links of London, Samsung and Ted Baker at senior levels, and had some experience in e-commerce. These insights fuelled the birth of MGB Watches, driven by the desire to make these exquisite watches accessible to all at prices below the intimidating figures found in the grey market.

Our early days were humble and grounded in a strong sense of community. Miles operated the business from his home office, and set up a basic website. The first watch sold saw a -£25.00 loss just to get it over the line and celebrate the first milestone. A month on with the invaluable support of his wife and son. They grew the business and handled everything, from stock acquisition, fulfilling orders and engaging with a growing customer base; embodying the spirit of our brand – a genuine passion for watches and a deep connection with our customers.

And then, in August, a significant turning point occurred as Miles welcomed aboard our first director, John. A trusted friend with a wealth of experience in web development and online strategy, John had previously lent his expertise to renowned companies like Net-a-Porter, Harvey Nichols, and Ted Baker, enhancing their online presence. His mastery of e-commerce made him an ideal addition to our team and marked a new chapter in our journey.

In a single phone call, Miles shared the vision with John, and it was a match made in horological heaven. John, not only an enthusiast of fine timepieces but also someone who had felt the thrill and frustration of chasing a MoonSwatch. He was instantly captivated by the idea, with his boundless enthusiasm, and some investment John propelled the business forward, focusing on customer acquisition, brand development, and the daily operation of our website. It was like a whirlwind of progress unleashed overnight.

As we wrap up 2023 and take a moment to contemplate our journey, we're genuinely humbled to share some exciting developments. We've had the privilege of recently celebrating the sale of our 1,000th watch, and our cherished customer base now stands at 2,100 strong a heart-warming testament to the trust and support our incredible community has bestowed upon us.

Now, as we step into 2024, we're thrilled to give MGB a brand update, with a new redesigned logo, and a fresh look & feel to the website. We remain committed to bringing you exclusive watches and offering exceptional customer service.

Our new company, No-Object is a testament to our ever evolving journey. While we remain deeply rooted in our love for watches, we're expanding our horizons to include a wide array of products. Our goal is to bring you not only the best in timepieces but also an assortment of other remarkable items, all with the same dedication to accessibility, service, and quality that you've come to expect from us.

We're immensely grateful for your support throughout our journey, and we invite you to join us as we embrace the future with open arms. Here's to many more years of horological exploration and discovery, all under the watchful eye of MGB Watches and the expansion of No Object!

Yours sincerely, Miles & John

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