The Black Snoopy MoonSwatch: A Must-Have Timepiece

The Black Snoopy MoonSwatch: A Must-Have Timepiece

Sometimes you wonder if it can get any better, well.. it just has. Less than two weeks after the hottest release of 2024 (Mission to Moonphase - Snoopy in White), Swatch are at it again this time in all black.


The Black Snoopy MoonPhase

The success of the Mission to Moon and the Mission to Mercury watches from the core set of 11x MoonSwatches made it an easy decision to go with an all-black version. Whilst the teaser, hints that this watch will be exactly the same design as the brilliant white version, there is something much more mysterious and sleek about an all-black watch.

Again, the teaser shows a moonphase disc, symbolising the 29.5 days of lunar phases. However, there's a delightful surprise waiting when darkness falls. Under UV light, a concealed quote from Snoopy's comic strip emerges, stating "I can't sleep without a night light!" This time the text shown vertically.

When is the Release Date Black Snoopy Moonphase: 08.04.24?

The watch releases 08.04.24. The 8th April is a solar eclipse!

What is a Solar Eclipse: Snoopy Moonphase release?

08.04.24 is a solar eclipse; the perfect symbolism to release a black MoonSwatch. Solar eclipses stand as one of nature's most captivating phenomena. These occurrences transpire when the moon partially or completely obstructs the sun's light, casting a momentary darkness or dimming the skies during daylight hours. The teaser depicts this. In April, a solar eclipse will grace parts of Mexico, the US, and Canada, enveloping them in the "path of totality," where the moon perfectly aligns with the sun, plunging millions into moments of darkness. Total solar eclipses are infrequent happenings, with each location on Earth expecting to witness one only once every 400 years.

Which stores can I buy the Mission to the Moonphase?

To find your local store go to All stores

UK stores list:

If you would like to beat the queues then please sign up to our waitlist

How much will Mission to the Moonphase cost?

Based on the White Moonphase we expect:

  • UK Swatch store - £270
  • US Swatch store - $310
  • EU Swatch store - €315

While Swatch has teased this watch across its social media channels this evening, it's not yet available for purchase. Available 08.04.24.

If you would like to beat the queues then please sign up to our waitlist

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