Taylor Swift Fortnight: Vintage Diamond Watch Choker

Taylor Swift Fortnight: Vintage Diamond Watch Choker

Taylor Swift's latest album, "The Tortured Poet Department," has just hit the airwaves, featuring the track "Fortnight." In the accompanying music video for this song, one striking detail stands out: Taylor is adorned with a captivating vintage diamond watch choker from Joseph Saidian and Sons, gracefully suspended from a blush velvet ribbon.

For an album littered with references to heartbreak, death and mourning the trend of wearing watches as necklaces carries a profound historical resonance, dating back to the poignant era of the First World War.

As soldiers bid farewell to their loved ones and embarked on the battlefield, they entrusted their pocket watches to the women they held dear. These women, in a gesture of enduring love and remembrance, proudly wore these cherished timepieces around their necks, embodying a timeless connection amidst the turmoil of war.



Joseph Saidian and Sons Instagram

Taylor Swift has made another stylish statement by wearing a watch as a choker for the second time this year. The winner of the 2024 Grammy Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album awards adorned herself with an Art Deco-style watch by Concord, elegantly fastened onto a bespoke diamond necklace crafted by Lorraine Schwartz.

In 2024, a notable trend has emerged on the fashion scene, with celebrities like Rihanna and Emma Chamberlain embracing the watch choker as the ultimate accessory statement.

Last June, Rihanna turned heads at Pharrell Williams’s Louis Vuitton debut during Paris Fashion Week, flaunting a jaw-dropping US$670,000 diamond-paved Jacob & Co Brilliant Flying Tourbillon—not on her wrist, but adorning her neck. This custom Jacob & Co watch choker boasted an impressive 30 carats of baguette-cut diamonds, along with 338 brilliant cut diamonds set onto the movement, signalling the epitome of luxury and style.

Following suit, fashion influencer and podcaster Emma Chamberlain, known for her impeccable style, showcased the trend at the Miu Miu fashion show last October. She opted for Cartier's Mini Baignoire watch in yellow gold, ingeniously styled as a necklace, further solidifying the watch choker's status as a must have accessory in the fashion world.

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