Swatch's Luminary Launch: The Harvest Moon Special Edition Mission to Moonshine Gold Watch

Where can I buy the Harvest Moon Moonswatch in the UK?
This new release will be available in three stores: London Covent Garden, London Oxford Street and Glasgow Buchanan Street. See all UK stores

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Moonswatch Harvest Moon image of watch Moonswatch Harvest Moon - Image of watch

When is the release of the new Harvest Moon Moonswatch?

29th September 2023

Diving Deeper into Lunar Magic with Swatch’s Newest Release

There's a unique charm when the cosmic world of astronomy meets the precision of watchmaking. Swatch, a trailblazer in horology, is weaving this charm into tangible reality. Building on the soaring success of its Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch collaboration, Swatch presents its latest marvel – the special edition to commemorate the Harvest Moon on 29 September.

A Celestial Phenomenon to Remember

For those with their eyes perennially on the skies, the Harvest Moon of 2023 holds special significance. Not just any full moon, it marks the last supermoon of the year – a phenomenon that occurs when the moon, in its full glory, is nearest to our Earth.


Why is the Harvest Moon Mission to Moonshine Gold Watch So Special?

Every watch tells a story, and this one narrates a cosmic dance:

  • The Second Hand is not merely a time indicator but a piece of art in itself. Adorned with the Omega Moonshine gold, it reflects sustainability and luxury, sourced from recycled gold of Swatch Group’s certified refinery.
  • Embracing the moon's mystical charm, the unique second hand sees production only once a month, aligning with full moon dates, believed to cast a magical aura on life and surroundings.
  • The special edition Harvest Moon version has an added touch of elegance. A barley grain pattern on the second hand pays tribute to the celestial event. Plus, a secret signature ensures that elements on the hands and hour markers glow mysteriously in the dark.

A Journey Through Time - From Launch to High Demand

The watch aesthetics seamlessly blend with its predecessors. Its dial, caseback, and detailed nuances echo the Mission to the Moon watch from the primary collection of 11 Bioceramic MoonSwatch pieces, showcasing a steel grey hue complemented by white hands and a tachymeter scale.

Furthermore, Swatch's innovation hasn't been limited. Several special editions like the Mission to the Moonshine Gold Pink Full Moon, Flower Moon, and Strawberry Moon have seen the light of day. Each iteration brings a distinct touch to the second hand, from pink Super-LumiNova details to strawberry patterns.

Given their unparalleled craftsmanship and exclusivity, it's no wonder that the Mission to Moonshine Gold watches have witnessed an overwhelming demand, often selling out almost immediately post-release. And while they grace the shelves at GBP 250 , their value in the secondary market is often a testament to their desirability.

Swatch’s Ever-Evolving Horological Saga

Starting with exclusive launches in global cities like London, Milan, Tokyo, and Zurich, Swatch’s Moonshine Gold series has continually expanded its reach, touching hearts in cities from Berlin to Yokohama. And as celestial events continue to inspire, one can expect Swatch to add even more cities to this luminary list.

While the Omega X Swatch collaboration has indeed been monumental, Swatch’s quest for innovation is ceaseless. This September saw another groundbreaking partnership with the Swatch Group subsidiary Blancpain, birthing the Blancpain x Swatch ‘Scuba Fifty Fathoms’ series — five exquisite colourways, each paying tribute to one of the magnificent five oceans.

As the Harvest Moon graces our skies, Swatch offers the chance to adorn a piece of celestial wonder on your wrist. The universe, with all its mysteries and magic, is now within your grasp.

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