Swatch x Omega Mission On Earth Lava, Polar Lights & Desert MoonSwatches

Swatch x Omega Mission On Earth | Lava, Polar Lights & Desert MoonSwatches

The newest addition to the Swatch x Omega line up has arrived, three brand new MoonSwatches, under a subcollection called Mission On Earth. Moving away from space themed collections, these three new watches are cleverly named after Earthly Volcanic Lava, Polar Lights, and Desert Dunes, each reflecting the unique characteristics and colour palettes of these natural phenomena.

After a week of teasers and captivating store displays from Swatch, these latest Speedmaster watches have been revealed on social media and will be available for purchase from June 15th in selected Swatch Stores around the world.

As excitement builds, we’ll delve into the launch of this new trio of watches, giving you the run down of each watch within this exciting new MoonSwatch Mission on Earth collection.

Swatch x Omega Mission On Earth

These new iterations of the Mission On Earth MoonSwatches draw inspiration from the original 11 MoonSwatches that we have all come to know and love; maintaining the same bio ceramic materials, iconic dot over 90 Tachymeter bezels, and of course those polarizing Velcro Straps.

Swatch x Omega Mission On Earth | Lava


The Mission on Earth Lava showcases a dark dial highlighted with vibrant orange hands and hour indicators. The chronograph's second hand is also in orange, drawing inspiration from the colour and design of the 1968 OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch “Ultraman” edition.


The subdials are marked with Arabic numerals and radial indexes, reflecting the design elements of the Speedmaster Alaska II and III projects.


1968 Speedmaster Ultraman

Swatch x Omega Mission On Earth | Polar Lights


This watch, based on the Northern lights is the closest to the original Mission On Earth MoonSwatch, it showcases a dark blue dial that complements a turquoise case. Furthermore the dark blue dial is adorned with tiny silver like specks reminiscent of aventurine glass dials, ensuring each watch is one of a kind due to the unique arrangement of these sparkles.


All hands are in turquoise, and the sub dials are recessed with white rings, Arabic numerals, and radial indexes, paying homage to the Speedmaster Alaska II and III projects.

Swatch x Omega Mission On Earth | Desert


Very Similar colours to the Mission To Saturn this desert version showcases a greige (taupe) dial and is paired with sand coloured hands. A sand coloured tachymeter scale decorates the greige (taupe) bezel. The subdials, showcasing Arabic numerals and radial indexes, are a tribute to the Speedmaster Alaska II and III designs and the watch reflects the expansive desert sands that make up over a fifth of the Earth's landmass.


Each dial in this series includes the OMEGA X Swatch branding, the classic Speedmaster logo, and the MoonSwatch logo

Same as the other MoonSwatches this new trio of watches are crafted with precision and sophistication, featuring a case made of bioceramic for both durability and aesthetic appeal. With a diameter of 42mm and a slim profile at 13.25mm thickness, these timepieces strike a harmonious balance between form and function. The lug to lug distance of 47.30mm ensures a comfortable fit on the wrist, enhancing the overall wearability of the watch.

Comparing with the Original Swatch x Omega Mission On Earth

Evolution in Design

The original Swatch x Omega Mission On Earth was a masterpiece in its own right, in fact, it was one of our personal favourites from the original 11x MoonSwatches. It’s earthy green hue harmonised beautifully with the deep navy blue dial. The chronograph seconds hand and counter hands feature a rich brown, while the sub dials stood out in pristine white. Needless to say this new collection has done it justice.

The Significance of the New Release

Market Impact

The release of a new MoonSwatch is set to continue shaking up the watch market, though fans and enthusiasts were perhaps hoping for a fresh collaboration. With widespread discussion and hyped rumours of a Swatch x Seamaster, and even whispers of a Swatch x Audemars Piguet, we wonder if continuing to saturate the market with iterations of such an iconic watch needs something truly innovative to capture new interest and attract a broader customer base.

MoonSwatch Strategy

For Swatch and Omega, this release is undoubtedly more than ‘just another MoonSwatch’. However, is this the beginning of further subcategories? We’ve already seen a year long run of MoonShine Edition watches, essentially different versions of the Mission To The Moon MoonSwatch, followed by the Mission To Moonphase, an exciting collaboration introducing a new complication and a fresh twist. Now, with the new Earth iteration, does this mean we can expect "spin offs" for Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and others? The strategy seems to hint at an expansive and imaginative future for the MoonSwatch lineup.

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, these new MoonSwatches are a must have. They're a perfect blend of form and function, and they embody the spirit of innovation and playfulness that Swatch and Omega are known for.

The new Swatch x Omega Mission On Earth MoonSwatch collection is a remarkable release, a set of watches that stands out in every way. The comparison with the original highlights just how much Swatch and Omega have evolved, pushing the boundaries of what a watch can be.

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