Swatch's Entire Moonshine Gold Edition MoonSwatch Collection

Swatch's Entire Moonshine Gold Edition MoonSwatch Collection

As we bid farewell to 2023, we're gearing up for a momentous event in the world of timepieces. December marks the conclusion of Swatch's Moonshine Gold Edition MoonSwatch collection, a year-long journey filled with stunning, exclusive one off timepieces, that were only released during the full Moon phase in select Swatch Boutiques. Fans queued often overnight, and limited numbers of these one off Editions were available.
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But hold your excitement, because there's one more surprise waiting for you. On December 27th, selected Swatch stores around the world will release the grand finale, "The Cold Moon," or "Snowflake Moon" making it a must-watch day for watch enthusiasts. In celebration of this milestone, we're taking a look back at all the full Moonshine Gold Edition MoonSwatches in order of their release.

1. March - The First Mission to Moon Moonshine: The first release in March set the stage with the original MoonSwatch Mission to Moon with the Gold hand, symbolising the start of this one Journey. These are now incredibly rare; if you happen to come across one we advise getting it into your collection


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2. April - The Manchester 3 Edition: April continued the Moonshine Gold saga with a watch that reflected the spirit of Manchester, and a Moonshine Gold hand that was only available in the Manchester Store. The small 3 etched into the base of the Gold Hand is a real point of difference

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3. May - The Pink Moon: In May, the Pink Moon wowed us with its captivating charm and a Moonshine Gold hand that added a touch of opulence with its pink shine set int the arrow of the gold hand

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4. June - The Floral Moon: The Floral Moon of June featured a Moonshine Gold hand adorned with delicate blooms, a tribute to the beauty of nature under the moonlight.

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5. July - The Strawberry Moon: July's Strawberry Moon brought a dash of sweetness with a Moonshine Gold hand that glistened with a strawberry motif on the Gold hand


6. August - The Swiss Moon: August  1st celebrated National Swiss day with the Swiss Moon, where the Moonshine Gold hand symbolised the golden standard of Swiss watchmaking and celebrated the heritage of swatch and Omega.

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7. August - The Blue Moon Neptune: The Blue Moon Neptune arrived in August, taking us all by surprise with its stunning blue design and a Moonshine Gold hand.

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8. September - The Harvest Moon: The Harvest Moon of September shone brightly with a Moonshine Gold hand, echoing the abundance of the season under the luminous full moon.

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9. October - The Lollipop Moon: October's Lollipop Moon brought a playful twist to the collection, featuring a Moonshine Gold hand that added a touch of vintage to the watch

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10. November - The Beaver Moon: In November, the Beaver Moon showcased a Moonshine Gold hand that embodied the industrious spirit of the beaver, creating an intricate and playful design

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11. December - The Cold Moon: And now, as we approach December, we await "The Cold Moon," the grand finale of the Moonshine Gold Edition MoonSwatch collection. This exquisite timepiece features a Moonshine Gold hand adorned with a snowflake motif, capturing the enchanting charm of winter nights.

The Moonshine Gold Edition MoonSwatch collection has been a year of mesmerising releases, each watch a testament to Swatch's commitment to innovation and style. As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of "The Cold Moon" on December 27th, we can't help but reflect on the artistry and beauty of this unique collection. Whether you're drawn to the elegance of the Floral Moon or the rarity of the Blue Moon Neptune, these MoonSwatches are more than watches; they're works of art that celebrate the magic of the moon.

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