Welcome to Day 7 of the exhilarating Sotheby's MoonSwatch MoonShine gold auction update! The anticipation is palpable as we dive into another day of this incredible event. If you missed out on any of the action, make sure to catch up on our previous updates to stay in the loop.

Sotheby's is delighted to showcase 11 sets of the highly sought-after MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold collections in this auction, spanning from February 12th to 24th. It's important to highlight that all proceeds from these auctions will generously support the Orbis Charity, adding an admirable philanthropic aspect to this already remarkable occasion.

In celebration of this auction, the MGB team has been on a daily journey exploring each watch within this exceptional collection. Our expedition has taken us to Swatch stores worldwide as we eagerly awaited the opportunity to acquire these timepieces for ourselves. Today, we're excited to share the insights and stories gathered during our pursuit of these unique pieces.


On Day 7, at 21:00 GMT, the total bids for all lots have soared to an impressive 364,000 Swiss francs, showing a remarkable increase of 52,000 CHF compared to the previous day. Noteworthy is the significant surge in activity for the London lot, with a rise of 8,000 CHF in the last 24 hours, bringing the total bids to 35,000 CHF!

However, stealing the spotlight is the JFK New York lot, leading with a remarkable bid of 42,000 CHF (£38,000 / $47,000). This bid surpasses Sotheby's initial predictions by more than fourfold, highlighting the intense interest and enthusiastic bidding for these exclusive timepieces.


In its simplest terms, a "blue moon" is when we get an extra full moon in a year. Normally, there are 12 full moons, but sometimes we get 13. This usually happens every two to three years. It's called a "blue moon" because it fixes the timing of the last month of a season, which would otherwise start too early.

The idea that a blue moon is the second full moon in a single month is actually a misunderstanding. The phrase "once in a blue moon" means something happens very rarely, like seeing a blue moon.

Here's why it happens: A lunar cycle (the time it takes for the moon to go through all its phases) is about 29.53 days. A year on Earth is about 365.24 days. So, there are about 12.37 lunar cycles in a year. In our calendar, we have 12 months, and normally there's one full moon each month. But because the lunar cycles and our calendar don't quite match up, we end up with about 11 extra days each year. Every two or three years, these extra days add up, giving us an extra full moon in one of the seasons, and that's when we call it a "blue" moon.

The blue moon was one of the most highly anticipated MoonShine watches within this year long collection. Neptune itself an extremely rare watch in its own right was to be released with the 18kt Moonshine gold hand. For our London readers this watch was only available at the Battersea PowerStation store. 



After waiting in line for 24 hours, the MGB Team claimed the top 5 spots out of approximately 500 people! The watch from the MoonShine collection was undeniably striking and served as an exhilarating addition to the already impressive Neptune watch lineup.

 Blue Moon Moonshine Watch

Blue Moon Moonshine

Follow the Sotheby's auction here, and explore our MoonShine Collection to get your hands on one of these exquisite timepieces!

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