Welcome to Day 10 of the thrilling Sotheby's MoonSwatch MoonShine gold auction journey! As we venture further into this captivating event, excitement fills the air, promising yet another day brimming with anticipation and fascination. For those who have been following closely, prepare for another delightful instalment. And for those who may have missed any of the unfolding drama, now is the ideal moment to catch up on all the enthralling updates.

Sotheby's presents 11 sets of the highly coveted MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold collections, extending from February 12th to 24th. What elevates this event is its charitable aspect; every bid contributes to the noble cause of supporting the Orbis Charity, adding profound significance to this already extraordinary occasion.

As part of our ongoing homage to this auction, the MGB team has embarked on a daily exploration, delving deep into each distinct timepiece within this exceptional collection. Our journey has led us to Swatch stores worldwide as we expand our own collection of these iconic watches.


On the tenth day, bidding frenzy has persisted, propelling the prices of each case well beyond their initial estimates of CHF 5,000 – 10,000 (£4,500 – £9,000). With every lot commanding an astonishing price tag surpassing CHF 30,000, and two lots even exceeding 40,000 CHF, the excitement is palpable.

The New York City case, the prized gem of the collection, continues to reign as the most coveted, with bids soaring to an impressive CHF 45,000 (£39,700). However, there's a sudden surge in activity for the Beijing lot, with bidding escalating by over 10,000 CHF in just 24 hours, indicating a newfound interest in this particular set!



The November full moon earns the name "Beaver Moon" as it aligns with the period when beavers typically retreat into their lodges for shelter, as noted in the Old Farmer's Almanac. Additionally, historically, this time of year coincided with the trapping of beavers as part of the fur trade.

The Beaver Moon was launched in 83 cities worldwide on November 27th, 2023, and sold for one day only.



Sold in Oxford Street and Covent Garden in the UK, the Beaver Moon release was met with disappointment by a team who had queued all year round, as the event turned out to be surprisingly quiet. It may have been poorly timed, as it was released on the Monday following Black Friday, when many people were either exhausted from shopping or back at work after a busy weekend. Despite a queue of around 50 people at the Oxford Street branch, for the first time, individuals walking into a Swatch store until approximately 4:00 PM that day could have easily purchased one. This raises the question: was this a sign of the hype dwindling or simply a matter of unfortunate timing?


It's fair to say that the watch itself was fantastic, offering a playful take on the Beaver Moon concept. The 18KT Moonshine gold seconds hand was meticulously redesigned to resemble a log that had been gnawed away, while its tip was adorned with a whimsical beaver lume motif.

Follow the Sotheby's auction here, and explore our MoonShine Collection to get your hands on one of these exquisite timepieces!


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