MoonSwatch Leaked

Snoopy MoonSwatch: Leaked?

Almost two weeks has passed since Swatches no context Snoopy teaser landed and sent the watch community into an absolute frenzy. Since then not a peep from Swatch, and it seems like things have hushed. Store and customer service teams seemingly have no clue, and its as if it never happened! The spotlight in the here and now shifts to the Omega x Swatch Moonshine Sotheby's auction. If you missed out or want to learn more about this fascinating auction of all 11x Moonshine Edition MoonSwatches then catch up on our blog post here

However, bubbling under the surface, the watch community is still buzzing with Snoopy anticipation. Forums and groups are lighting up with all sorts of wild speculations and theories. Whilst Swatch have gone quiet the community seems to be getting louder. The MGBWATCHES team has sifted through the juiciest conversations and picked (honestly reddit is a seriously wild place) out our favourite renders of the much anticipated Snoopy MoonSwatch.

As a lover and a reseller of hyped watches our team are in Central London daily. Having six Swatch stores on our doorstep means we're constantly in and out of these stores, speaking with staff members and trying the latest pieces. Through our frequent visits, two noteworthy trends have caught our attention (and trust me, this is worth noting): there's a recurring pattern unfolding reminiscent of our experiences with Swatch MoonShine releases back in 2023.

In August, the highly anticipated Blue Moon Moonshine MoonSwatch made its debut, marking a milestone in MoonSwatch history. With it's stunning 18K Moonshine Gold hand, the Neptune Blue Moon became an instant dream grail for collectors. My team and I eagerly lined up overnight, and I'm thrilled to say I now have one of these beauties in my personal collection, reserved for special occasions.

But let's rewind 8-10 weeks before the Blue Moon launch – there was a serious drought in availability of the regular Neptune watches across all six Central London Stores. While these Neptune watches had always been more elusive than the other 10x, this shortage was on another level. During our wait in the queue for Blue Moon, we received confirmation from a senior member of the Swatch team that our suspicions were spot on. Swatch simply didn't have the production capacity, or enough bio-ceramic colour to handle both Neptune projects simultaneously.

Fast forward to today, and we're seeing a similar trend unfold. Three watches – Neptune, Pluto, and the White Antarctic Blancpain – are consistently sold out across the six London Stores. Coincidentally, these are the three colours perhaps needed to create a Navy & White '50th Anniversary inspired' Snoopy MoonSwatch? Grey for the case, blue for the bezel and white for the dial! Furthermore, as the MGB Team have queued for every single Moonshine Edition watch, the same pattern unfolds; a week to ten days before any MoonShine watch released in 2023, there was always shortage of regular Mission to Moon watches

Now... we might be connecting some imaginary dots here, but it's a trend worth noting. They just don't seem to have the  production capacity, movements or materials to scale these projects without a noticeable knock on effect, and this was a repeat trend 11 times in 2023. Coincidence? Is this shortage a sign that something big is coming?

Our favourite renders to date

Since the Snoopy teaser, we've been glued to forums and keeping a close watch on competitors. It's been truly inspiring to see the amazing fan interpretations of these watches being created. Here's to hoping Swatch takes note of the endless possibilities and brings some of these fan-inspired designs to life.

This is our absolute favourite - featuring whimsically hand-drawn Snoopy and Woodstock characters, coupled with a blue seconds hand, is nothing short of genius. Imagine incorporating the White Bio-Ceramic colour from the Antarctic Blancpain for an added touch of sophistication. It's a perfect blend of creativity and elegance.

credit to

Snoopy MoonSwatch

Following closely on the heels is the highly anticipated 50th Anniversary styled piece. Imagine this: incorporating the Neptune Bezel onto the Pluto Case for a unique fusion. There are a few different interpretations of this style floating around the internet, each offering its own ideas. This is the one I think all fans are hoping for! 

Snoopy MoonSwatch

Another absolute gem from UTDESIGN: a mock-up of a Moonshine gold variant! Picture this: Woodstock's outline pointing at the minute markers, whilst a playful Space Snoopy, makes a charming appearance on the sub dial. It's a delightful blend of creativity and whimsy that would top off the Moonshine collection.

Snoopy MoonSwatch

Or perhaps the 2003 Silver Snoopy to pay homage to the 1970 Apollo 13 Mission, which by the way was launched 11th April? Could this be a significant date?

Snoopy MoonSwatch

There's certainly no shortage of doubt and speculation swirling around the potential release of the Snoopy MoonSwatch edition. However, it's worth considering the information we've received from a reliable source close to Swatch senior leadership. According to them, all Snoopy-related costs were signed and sealed as early as December 2023. This could suggest that the release is indeed a sure thing. While scepticism may linger, it's always wise to take such insider insights into account and remain cautiously optimistic about what the future holds.

Until an official announcement is made by Swatch, there's always a degree of uncertainty. Whilst our personal thoughts are speculative and good fun It's best to wait for official confirmation before drawing any real conclusions.

Do you believe the Snoopy MoonSwatch will become a reality or not? We'd been keen to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

Full Circle

Bringing things full circle from the earlier introduction, we know that Snoopy is seen closing the lid on the Moonshine collection from 2023. This image and the auction perhaps signifies the end of the Moonshine collection?

 Snoopy Moonswatch closing lid


We had the pleasure of visiting the Omega Flagship Store on London's iconic Regent Street to admire the actual Moonshine collection first-hand. The exhibited pieces are the sets that will be auctioned. It was truly a delight! The watches were proudly displayed in the main window, guarded by two friendly henchmen, creating quite the spectacle. Upon entering the store, we engaged in lively conversation with one of the sales assistants, who exuded passion and expertise about the upcoming auction. I urge you to see them exhibited if you get the opportunity. below are some real life non render images taken today by our team.

With the Moonshine auction seemingly reaching its climax on February 24th, could this be the perfect moment to unveil Snoopy, only time will tell?


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