Snoopy MoonSwatch Release Date Confirmed - 26.03.24

Snoopy MoonSwatch Release Date Confirmed - 26.03.24

The much awaited buzz surrounding the Snoopy MoonSwatch has reached it's peak, as another official teaser graces The Guardian newspaper today. Capturing attention with an intriguing image of a paw print imprinted on the Moon's surface, it unmistakably announces the release date of a Snoopy MoonSwatch: 26.03.24!


snoopy moonswatch guardian teaser 15th march

How do we know its a Snoopy MoonSwatch?

Whilst the image is relatively cryptic, the newspaper advert clearly shows the date and a licensed copywrite reading ; 2024 Peanuts WorldWide LLC'.  This coupled with the infamous Snoopy pawprint pressed into the Moon's surface depicts one Small Step for a Beagle... One giant leap for Swatch...

snoopy moonswatch guardian teaser copywrite

Snoopy MoonSwatch Release Date

26th March is such a significant date for the MoonSwatch as it marks the two year anniversary: On March 26th, 2022, Swatch unveiled the incredibly successful collection, consisting of the much loved 11x planet themed Omega x Swatch Speedmaster Watches.

What does the Snoopy MoonSwatch look like?

Whilst Swatch have not yet released official images, we have created some fan interpretations. The whole watch community is hoping the Snoopy MoonSwatch does justice to its big brother: The Silver Snoopy Award Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary 

Will this be a one off drop like the MoonShine Editions of last year or is this another full collection of Snoopy Themed MoonSwatches?


Where can I buy the Snoopy MoonSwatch?

As we now count down the days to the 26th March, we are sure Swatch will release more content, and update their online store locator, explaining which stores will be stocking the watch.

If you would like to beat the queues then please sign up to our waitlist

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