MoonSwatch Ostrich: Harvey Nichols Exclusive

MoonSwatch Ostrich: Harvey Nichols Exclusive

March brought exciting news from Swatch Group's CEO, Nick Hayek, who, during a press conference, unveiled a captivating story. It was a tale of retailers and shopping malls eagerly seeking to align with Swatch for the much-anticipated MoonSwatch.

In this exciting lineup, Harvey Nichols, the distinguished department store nestled in the opulent west end of Knightsbridge, London, secured a prominent spot. Last month, Harvey Nichols proudly opened its doors to a brand new Swatch watches concession, eagerly joining one of 5 London Stores selling the Swatch watches and the Swatch MoonSwatch collection

The grand opening of this concession wasn't the only star of the show. It coincided with the launch of a brand new MoonSwatch collection, featuring stylish ostrich leather straps that add an air of luxury to the iconic timepieces. These watches had most recently been rumoured to have only sold in the Japanese Market fur weeks prior.

Ostrich MoonSwatch

These watches are part of the core MoonSwatch collection, boasting its well-loved range of colourways and captivating space-themed missions. What sets them apart, however, are the brand-new faux ostrich leather straps, adding sophistication and elegance to the MoonSwatch experience. The Boxes also sport the Ostrich leather effect, making them a collectors dream.

Nick Hayek goes on the explain how proud he was to announce that this collaboration with Harvey Nichols is just the beginning. It's the first step in a series of exclusive partnerships!

At MGBWATCHES, our team is a lover of MoonSwatches. We are committed to delivering not just outstanding timepieces but also a touch of luxury and innovation. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and hopefully some availability of this stunning collection for you to enjoy!

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