Moonstruck or Misled: Genuine vs Fake Snoopy MoonSwatch

Moonstruck or Misled: Genuine vs Fake Snoopy MoonSwatch

In 2024, Swatch revealed the much awaited "Mission to the Moonphase," affectionately dubbed the Snoopy MoonSwatch. While maintaining it's tradition of offering the product solely in stores, Swatch inadvertently paved the way for counterfeit imitations to emerge. This underscored the importance of distinguishing between the authentic and the counterfeit versions.

Here, we will present a comparison between a fake Mission to Moonphase [aka Snoopy MoonSwatch] and a genuine one, guiding you visually and functionally on how to differentiate between them. Our objective is straightforward: to empower buyers with the necessary knowledge to know authentic timepieces from counterfeit ones, spotting red flags and ensuring their purchases are genuine.


Genuine left, counterfeit right

How do I know If My MoonSwatch is fake?

In our daily interactions on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and various online MoonSwatch groups, we've witnessed a persistent trend: unsuspecting people falling prey to counterfeit MoonSwatches, and now, even fake Mission to MoonPhase Snoopy MoonSwatches.

Almost daily, people post images on these forums with questions to the community; captions such as "legit check" or "help! real or fake?" This alarming reality prompted us to take action. We took the step of purchasing a fake Mission to Moonphase ourselves [so you don't have to], embarking on a mission to provide a comprehensive guide to new and exisiting buyers.

Throughout the article we will refer to the Mission to Moonphase as the Snoopy MoonSwatch for ease.

Buying a Snoopy MoonSwatch Online Safely: Top Tips

If you're unable to visit a Swatch store or tired of attending without success and are considering purchasing a Snoopy MoonSwatch from a third party seller, here are a few tips to keep in mind when communicating with the vendor/seller:

  1. Opt for a direct phone call or a video call with the seller if possible, speaking to somebody on the phone will give you a clear understanding and a good sense of legitimacy.
  2. Request live images from the seller, even if the listing photos appear satisfactory, as images can be reused or stolen.
  3. Ask the seller to set the time on the watch to two different times of your choice as a verification of the item's physical presence and to ensure you are examining authentic images.
  4. Provenance is helpful; It's always worth asking if the original purchase receipt is available, this provides extra peace of mind if the seller is able to provide it.
  5. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is, be cautious of overly cheap prices. The fake Snoopy MoonSwatch costs around £35.00 / $44.00 so steer clear of anything advertised at too low a price.

Delivery - Fake Snoopy MoonSwatch

The fake Snoopy MoonSwatch featured in this article was ordered from a well known Chinese Marketplace, and took almost five weeks to arrive, left at the doorstep in a crumpled brown envelope [terrific start]. Despite opting for the 'packaged' version with a box & documentation, the fake watch arrived without. Instead, the fake watch was inside a polyethylene bag with a piece of Chinese documentation. Needless to say pretty lacklustre and if that isn't a red flag at point one, then we don't know what is!

In contrast a genuine Snoopy MoonSwatch will come beautifully boxed with five different pieces of documentation inside the box:

  • Mission to the Moonphase Pamphlet
  • Direction for use pamphlet 
  • Swatch Warranty card 
  • How to operate manual 
  • MoonSwatch 'All 11x' Collection pamphlet

Read more in our Ultimate Guide Article

Assessing the Appearance of a Fake MoonSwatch

At first glance, we understand why these fakes might seem convincing. As a team with extensive knowledge of genuine MoonSwatches, it was easy for us to detect the differences. However, we also recognise that many people are being deceived because the differences may go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

We'll delve deeper into these points, however here are the five initial indicators to look for during your initial visual inspection:

  1. Absence of the Acrylic Glass protector.
  2. Look for a grey/blue tinge present on the Snoopy Moonphase at 3 o'clock
  3. Examine the quality and sharpness
  4. Inspect the crown positioning 
  5. Check the Moon and paw print on the caseback battery cover.

Absence of the Acrylic Glass Protector

Out of the thousands of MoonSwatches we've procured, only a rare few have arrived without the glass protector directly from a Swatch store. These protectors are factory installed and serve to safeguard the acrylic crystal from scratches during transit. They act as an additional layer of defence against potential damage on it's journey from Switzerland to your wrist against the notoriously coarse inner lid of the MoonSwatch box. Notably, the screen protector covers the entire watch face and features the inscription "SWATCH SWISS" on the pull off tab. The fake Snoopy MoonSwatch did not come with a glass protector.


Genuine Snoopy with Glass Protector

Grey/blue tinge present on the Snoopy Moonphase at 3 o'clock

What immediately caught our attention was the off white colouration of the Moonphase in the 3 o'clock subdial. In the authentic version, Snoopy appears in the same brilliant white as the rest of the watch, while on the counterfeit MoonSwatch, this coloration differs. It's more of a dirty off white hue, with a noticeable greyish-blueish tinge to it. You can clearly see from the side by side images that, in addition to the discoloration, the overall aesthetic of the fake watch is a more yellowish dial, which appears ivory or creamy in colour. In contrast, the genuine watch features the striking all white dial.


Genuine Snoopy MoonSwatch


Counterfeit Snoopy MoonSwatch

Quality and Sharpness 

In terms of overall sharpness, the fake watch appears to be made of basic PMMA plastic, lacking the quality production of Swatch's bio ceramic material. The sharpness of the case, pushers, caseback text, and crown is noticeably inferior. Its finish resembles that of playdough, lacking the crispness and precision of the genuine watch. It's even lighter than a regular MoonSwatch and feels like it could break just by squeezing it in the grip of your palm.

stacked MoonSwatch

Genuine Top, Counterfeit Bottom

In terms of the dial, picture the Snoopy MoonSwatch, but during the design sign off, someone in the team left the BOLD formatting on. This is precisely what the fake MoonSwatch resembles. Every detail is excessively dark, bold, and prominent, akin to an Excel grid box with a 'thick outside border' selected. When placed next to a genuine Snoopy MoonSwatch, the stark contrast in refinement and intricacy of the dial finish becomes evident. Additionally, the five minute rectangular indices are raised on the fake MoonSwatch, as if the dial was constructed in two parts, whereas they are flat on the genuine version.

fake MoonSwatch
Counterfeit Snoopy MoonSwatch

fake snoopymoonswatch

Counterfeit Snoopy MoonSwatch, close up

Inspect the crown

Upon close inspection of the fake Snoopy MoonSwatch, you'll notice that the crown appears almost pulled out by one click, despite being pushed all the way in. There is a significant 1.5mm gap between the inner edge of the crown and the case. In contrast, on the genuine Snoopy MoonSwatch, the crown sits snugly into the recess of the case.

Genuine Snoopy MoonSwatch, case back
Counterfeit Snoopy MoonSwatch, case back

As a secondary check, flip the watch over and pull the crown out. On the fake watch, you'll observe that it's missing the white gasket, and the cheap metal of the pin is exposed.

Battery cover - Moon on the case back

It's well known that each MoonSwatch features the accompanying planet name in the form of a battery case shaped like the planet on the caseback. The Snoopy MoonSwatch is no exception, albeit with a more playful caricature style drawing of the Moon; featuring a cartoon like Snoopy paw print. The genuine Snoopy MoonSwatch showcases a crisp image, with the perimeter of the Moon drawing extending right up to the edge of the battery case cover. However, the fake version is a fuzzy imitation with a one millimetre gap all the way around the edge, and it doesn't even appear to be round.

Assessing the Appearance of a Fake MoonSwatch

If those five visual inspections haven't provided full clarity, these further five functionality checks will help differentiate between a fake and an authentic Snoopy MoonSwatch. If you haven't made a purchase yet and are in communication with a seller, consider requesting a video demonstration. Alternatively, if you already have the watch in hand and suspect it may be a fake, conducting these five checks should be relatively straightforward:

  1. Check the tactile click of the pushers
  2. Verify the Moonphase setting
  3. Examine the luminescence differences
  4. Look for play or movement of the strap between the lugs
  5. Verify the case back

The tactile click of the pushers

When using the chronometer, a genuine Snoopy MoonSwatch provides a satisfying 'click' on both top and bottom pushers. In contrast, the fake MoonSwatch feels like pushing into jelly, lacking feedback to indicate whether you've clicked or not. This serves as the first tell-tale sign when assessing functionality.

Setting the Moonphase

Inside the box of a genuine Snoopy MoonSwatch, there's a comprehensive guide on setting the Moonphase function correctly. Essentially, you pull the crown out two clicks, then press and hold the bottom pusher to accurately set to it's correct position within the monthly Luna cycle. Yet, in the case of the counterfeit Snoopy MoonSwatch, purely setting the time causes the Moonphase to spin alongside the minute marker, devoid of any accuracy, essentially making it useless as a functional moonphase complication.

First watch genuine, second watch counterfeit 

Luminescence differences

The genuine Snoopy MoonSwatch features Grade A Super LumiNova, expertly illuminating the dial after a brief exposure to light. Importantly, the Snoopy image within the Moonphase only lights up under UV light, accompanied by the caption "I Can't Sleep Without A Night Light" and a back drop of stars behind the Snoopy Image.

Genuine Snoopy MoonSwatch, Lume

However, on the fake Snoopy MoonSwatch, while it does have some decent lume capability, the Snoopy Moonphase physically luminesces in the same green colour as the rest of the dial, the  "I Can't Sleep Without A Night Light" caption is barely legible which is a clear sign that it's a fake.

Counterfeit Snoopy MoonSwatch, lume

Play or movement of the strap between the lugs

The genuine MoonSwatch boasts a securely fitting strap, thanks in part to the robustness of the bioceramic lugs and high quality spring bars. Removing the strap requires proper technique with a spring bar tool. Conversely, the fake MoonSwatch displays significant play in the strap, permitting several millimetres of movement and resulting in an unsettling rattling sensation. Upon closer examination after removing the straps, it becomes evident that the lug holes are too wide for the bars, and the inferior plastic material has already started to deteriorate.

Removal of the Caseback

Under no circumstances should you be able to remove the case back on a genuine Snoopy MoonSwatch. A genuine MoonSwatch case is a single, expertly fused component. The only removable part on the case back should be the Moon image covering the battery. In contrast, on the fake watch, it was immediately apparent that the case back was a separate component, easily popping off with little effort to reveal the inner workings.

Counterfeit Snoopy MoonSwatch, open case back

Avoiding a Fake Snoopy MoonSwatch

We hope, this guide has provided you with the necessary knowledge to identify what to look for. If you still have doubts and need further assistance, please don't hesitate to submit images to us at We would be more than happy to assist you, whether it's before or after your purchase.

We will be creating a video demonstrating the disassembly and destruction of this fake Snoopy MoonSwatch. Stay updated by following our social media channels.



Similarly, if you're interested in purchasing a Snoopy MoonSwatch or any other MoonSwatch; Our watches are directly sourced from London Swatch boutiques. We are delighted to provide pictures, videos, and original purchase receipts, as attested to by our satisfied customer base! View our Trustpilot here


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