Sotheby's MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold Collection: A Collaboration between OMEGA and Swatch for a Charitable Cause

Sotheby's MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold Collection: A Collaboration between OMEGA and Swatch for a Charitable Cause

OMEGA and Swatch have joined forces with Sotheby's, to auction 11 sets of the highly coveted MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold collection. This unprecedented collaboration marks the first time that these rare timepieces are offered officially by Omega and Swatch together in one set; accompanied by a special flight case, providing enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to own a remarkable collection. What's more, 100% of the auction proceeds will be donated to Orbis International, OMEGA's esteemed partner dedicated to combating avoidable blindness and vision loss worldwide.

As a collector and reseller of hype watches, the MGB team spent hours upon hours queuing at Swatch Boutiques during 2023 to obtain these exclusive one off Moonshine Watches. Whilst we have have kept a collection back at the office for safe keeping we have 'unofficially' had a collection of these coveted timepieces available to purchase as a full collection since the final Cold Moon Moonshine released December 27th. All of these stunning watches are available in a black/Grey or Navy/White finished flight case.

Moonshine case

Leading up to the official Sotheby's auction closing on February 24th, enthusiasts can catch a glimpse of the 11 "Mission to Moonshine Gold" suitcases at select OMEGA Boutiques across the globe from February 1st to 11th. These boutiques are located in Zurich, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Sydney, offering visitors a chance to marvel at this extraordinary collection. For our UK based readers this collection will be availble to view at the Omega Regent Street Boutique, London

For those who are new to the MoonShine Collection: these are the 11x Moonshine Edition watches that will come as part of the collection, and their 2023 release dates:

Each of the 11x Moonshine watches in this collection features a seconds hand coated in 18K Moonshine™ Gold, an exclusive alloy crafted in-house by OMEGA, renowned for its enduring brilliance. These exquisite timepieces boast unique details, such as a strawberry pattern for the July Strawberry Moon, a floral motif for the May Flower Moon, and a playful lollipop design inspired by the iconic Speedmaster CK2998 watch from 1961.

Notably in this official collection each flightcase includes a co-branded golden monocle and a unique coin displaying the aviation code of the hosting city, also engraved on the side of each watch for authenticity.


Sotheby's, arguably the most famous auction house in the world will host the MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold charity auction in collaboration with OMEGA x Swatch, you can follow the auction here

The MoonSwatch collaboration between OMEGA and Swatch has captured the attention of watch aficionados worldwide. The release of the MoonSwatch series in 2022 sparked widespread excitement and speculation within the watch community. Despite initial doubts, the demand for MoonSwatches exceeded all expectations, with enthusiasts eagerly seeking to acquire these coveted timepieces.

MoonShine Moonswatch


As anticipation builds for the auction, the question on everyone's mind is: How much will these coveted timepieces fetch? Only time will reveal the answer, but it's safe to say that they are expected to command significant attention and interest, with proceeds contributing to a noble cause.

With a Snoopy MoonSwatch recently teased on Swatches socials and the Seamaster collaboration looking likely, is this final Auction marking the send off of the Moonshine Collection?

Updated Blog 9/2/24 here, Auction prices revealed!

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