Mission to Moonshine - Lollipop Moon

Mission to Moonshine - Lollipop Moon

Are you ready to embark on another lunar journey with Swatch's latest creation? Yes its that time again, the full Moon shines brightly which is an Indication that a Moonshine Gold Edition is being released! In selected stores only across the 28th & 29th of October the Mission to the Moon lollipop Edition will be available to purchase.

Swatch Moonswatch - Moonshine: Lollipop Moon Edition – MGB WATCHES

This captivating timepiece pays homage to the legendary OMEGA Speedmaster CK 2998-3 FAP from 1961, and it features a lollipop seconds hand made of OMEGA's exclusive Moonshine Gold.

The Enchanting Lollipop Seconds Hand

At the heart of this one off Mission to the Moon timepiece lies a unique and enchanting feature – a lollipop seconds hand crafted from OMEGA's Moonshine™ Gold. What makes this lollipop seconds hand truly special is the hidden signature that glows in the dark, adding an element of mystery to the watch.

A Tribute to the OMEGA Speedmaster CK 2998-3 FAP

This Mission to the Moon watch is a heartfelt tribute to the iconic OMEGA Speedmaster CK 2998-3 FAP, a legendary timepiece from 1961. It pays homage to the last Speedmaster with the 2998 reference that boasted the distinctive chronograph lollipop seconds hand. This design element is a nod to the rich heritage of the Speedmaster collection. While the CK 2998-3 itself did not go to space, its predecessor, the CK 2998, was one of the watches tested by NASA during the selection process for astronaut timepieces. Its rarity and historical significance make it a collector's dream, as it represents an early version of the Speedmaster series.

The Radiance of Moonshine™ Gold

OMEGA's Moonshine™ Gold, introduced in 2019, is the secret behind the radiant lollipop seconds hand. This exclusive yellow gold alloy is inspired by the luminous glow of moonlight against a deep blue night sky. It adds a touch of celestial brilliance to the Mission to the Moon timepiece, making it a true work of art.

A Magical Secret: Full Moon Production

The Mission to the Moon's lollipop seconds hand is no ordinary feature. As revealed in the watch's certificate, it is produced exclusively during full moon dates. Full moons have long been associated with a sense of magic and wonder, influencing various aspects of our world. This makes the watch's creation process even more captivating.

The Mission to Moonshine Gold Events

To acquire the Mission to the Moon timepiece, you'll need to be part of a truly special event. Swatch presents these watches during the Mission to Moonshine Gold events, which are held during full moons at various locations around the world. This exclusive opportunity allows you to witness the magic and secure your own piece of lunar-inspired elegance.

For more information on which stores are releasing see the below link Mission to Moonshine™ Gold - List of Swatch stores

In conclusion, Swatch's Mission to the Moon is more than just a timekeeping device; it's a piece of history, a tribute to the past, and a glimpse into the future. With its lollipop seconds hands and a production process tied to full moons, this watch is truly one of a kind. Don't miss your chance to own one of these watches by registering for your interest with MGB; or equally dust off your camping chairs and make your way down to a store this evening; the queues will be building.

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imagery credit to Swatch LTD 2023

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