Mission to Mercury MoonSwatch

Mission to Mercury MoonSwatch

Incorporating a profound charcoal hue and complemented by a metallic grey VELCRO© strap, this watch exudes a sense of serious sophistication. The chronograph seconds hand, subdial hands, and tachymeter scale elegantly contrast in pristine white, set against a backdrop of black subdials and bezel.

Every dial proudly bears the OMEGA X SWATCH branding, alongside the iconic Speedmaster logo and the newly introduced MoonSwatch logo. Unifying these stunning timepieces are features such as the glass construction, the subtly integrated "hidden" S at the crystal's center, the intricate circular pattern gracing the dial's outer ring and subdials, the meticulously crafted lugs, and the iconic "dot over 90" detail on the tachymeter-scaled bezel. Not to be overlooked is the unique Bioceramic touch, a testament to swatches unwavering passion for intricate details.

In addition to the aesthetic marvel, functionality remains at the forefront. All hours, minutes, chronograph seconds hands, and hour markers are adorned with superluminova, ensuring a luminous presence in low-light environments.

This timepiece transcends the ordinary, offering a harmonious blend of meticulous craftsmanship and timeless design. It is a testament to our commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering watches that not only tell time but also tell a story of unparalleled artistry.


  • Case material: Bioceramic
  • Case diameter: 42.00 mm
  • Case thickness: 13.25 mm
  • Lug-to-lug distance: 47.30 mm
  • Movement: quartz 
  • Water resistance: 3 Bar
  • Strap: VELCRO

The Bioceramic Marvel

Crafted with precision and innovation, the case material of the Mercury Mission MoonSwatch SO33A100 is none other than Bioceramic. At 42.00 mm in diameter and 13.25 mm in thickness, the case embraces a perfect balance of style and substance. With a lug-to-lug distance of 47.30 mm, this timepiece ensures a comfortable and ergonomic fit for celestial enthusiasts.

Quartz Precision in Motion

Powering the Mercury Mission MoonSwatch is a quartz movement, ensuring accurate and reliable timekeeping Whether you're exploring the cosmos or navigating daily life, this timepiece is your steadfast companion.

Dive into the Abyss

With a water resistance of 3 Bar, the Mercury Mission MoonSwatch isn't just a stylish accessory; it's ready to accompany you on aquatic adventures, adding versatility.

VELCRO® Comfort

The strap of choice for this mission is none other than VELCRO®, providing a secure and adjustable fit for any wrist size. The perfect fusion of comfort and functionality, the strap complements the Bioceramic case, adding a touch of modernity to the overall design.

Mission to Mercury Box

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