Luxury Timepieces Spotted Trackside at the 2024 Miami Formula One

Luxury Timepieces Spotted Trackside at the 2024 Miami Formula One

Let’s kick off by extending our warmest congratulations to Lando Norris for his sensational win at the 2024 Miami Formula One race. It was an unforgettable moment as Norris secured his first ever Formula One victory after an impressive 110 Grand Prix starts.

The race was a rollercoaster of excitement and nail biting moments, where Norris exhibited remarkable skill and determination. With a stroke of luck during a safety car intervention, Norris managed to save 14 seconds under the safety car pit stop, he came out in the lead then outpaced Red Bull's Max Verstappen on the track for the final 20 laps, clinching a well deserved victory.

After closely following all the coverage of the event and keeping a keen eye on teams and brands through social media channels, it's time to unveil the top watch spots from the Miami F1 race. From the iconic Rolex to the cutting edge designs of Richard Mille and the understated elegance of H. Moser, here are 10 standout watches that graced the wrists of drivers and celebrities making a statement both on and off the track.

1. Tommy Hilfiger - Rolex

With his sponsorship of the Mercedes F1 AMG Petronas team, Tommy Hilfiger is a familiar presence at the Formula One events. Seen this weekend with personalities such as Kendall Jenner and Suzie Wolf, Tommy was seen wearing the discontinued 18k white Gold Rolex Daytona Le Mans edition, elevating the exclusivity of the racing ambiance.

2. Sergio Perez - Kith x Tag Heuer

Following the recent revival of the vintage classic, Kith x Tag Heuer celebrated the launch of their Formula One range with a grand launch party in downtown Miami. Sergio Perez, both on and off the track, caught attention sporting the 35mm green Kith x Tag watch. The timepiece boasts a sandblasted steel case with black PVD coating, accentuated by the striking green arnite bezel, all secured by a matching green rubber strap. Its fusion of style and functionality exuded a distinct coolness, perfectly complementing the fast paced atmosphere of the Formula One scene.

3. Tom Brady - Richard Mille

As a distinguished guest of the Williams Team for the weekend, Tom Brady, the American quarterback and NFL Super Bowl winner of 2020, made an appearance adorned with the £200,000 Richard Mille RM 35-03 timepiece. Accentuated by a fitting Miami baby blue strap, the watch exuded elegance and sophistication, perfectly complementing Brady's esteemed presence at the event.

4. Ed Sheeran - Audemars Piguet

Ed Sheeran, known for his passion for all things automotive, took centre stage at the Miami F1 track over the weekend, delighting fans with his performance on Saturday evening. Throughout the event, Ed was spotted wearing his newest watch, the £160,000 AP Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar 'John Mayer' Edition. This distinctive timepiece, perfectly complemented Sheeran's eclectic style and added a touch of luxury to his Miami weekend

5. Jenson Button - Rolex

Former world champion and now F1 pundit Jenson Button graced the Miami F1 event with his presence, joining the Sky Sports F1 Team for the weekend. Notably, Button was spotted sporting the Rolex Daytona 116508 Green Daytona John Mayer, a stunning timepiece well know for it's iconic green dial. Before the final grid walk on Sunday, just 40 minutes before lights out, Button shared his anticipation for the race on his Instagram stories, showcasing both his excitement for the event and his impeccable taste in watches.

6. Charles Leclerc - Richard Mille

We've extensively discussed Ferrari's transition to a blue livery for the Miami weekend. Click here to read more. Meanwhile, here's a photo of Charles looking incredibly cool with the RM72-01 Flyback Chronograph, featuring the striking blue and white accents that perfectly complement the team's new colour scheme. This timepiece not only aligns with the shift to a blue uniform but also boasts a skeletonized movement with automatic bidirectional winding.

7. Lewis Hamilton - IWC Shaffhausen

Lewis Hamilton's style is unmatched across the grid, and the seven time world champion diligently sported the IWC watch, a brand sponsor, at the Friday Miami press conference. The partnership between Mercedes and IWC has become synonymous with excellence, with the Schaffhausen brand serving as the perfect companion for the German automotive powerhouse. The IWC Big Pilot AMG G63, was specifically manufactured for Mercedes. It features a case crafted from IWC's patented Armor Gold. This innovative material, traditionally susceptible to malleability and scratches, was fortified by IWC with additional hardness, showcasing the brand's commitment to both style and durability.

8. Martin Brundle - Richard Mille

Another Richard Mille caught the eye, this time adorning the wrist of F1 legend Martin Brundle. The former F1 racer turned Sky Sports pundit sported the £220,000 timepiece throughout the weekend, notably showcasing it during Sunday's grid walk. As a legendary figure within the sport, Brundle's choice of watch epitomises both his enduring legacy and his impeccable taste.

9. Pierre Gasly - H.Moser & Cie


H. Moser was recently unveiled as Alpine's official timekeeper for the 2024 season. Renowned for their sleek and minimalist collections, the Swiss brand introduced a vibrant new pink colour iteration of the Streamliner Tourbillon Skeleton specially for the Miami race. Gasly was spotted on social media proudly representing both colours during a brand interview amidst the weekend build-up. This collaboration between H. Moser and BWT Alpine promises to infuse the racing scene with a blend of precision engineering and contemporary style.

10. Daniel Riccardo - Tudor "Chameleon" Black Bay Watches

While we already covered the announcement of this watch release on May 2nd, one particular timepiece stood out as a personal favourite from the weekend. Daniel Ricciardo was spotted wearing the vibrant and colourful one off Tudor Black Bay, perfectly matching the VCARB's racing team livery for the weekend. This unique watch not only complements the team's dynamic aesthetic but also adds a touch of individuality and flair to Ricciardo's ensemble, making it a standout accessory amidst the excitement of the race weekend.

The 2024 Miami Formula One race weekend was filled with thrilling on track action, but it also emerged as a significant event for new watch announcements and off track spotting. From celebrity sightings sporting luxury timepieces to exciting collaborations between watch brands and racing teams, the weekend showcased the perfect blend of high speed racing and haute horology.




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