Kith x TAG Heuer: Reviving The Original Formula One?

Kith x TAG Heuer: Reviving The Original Formula One?

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In 1986, TAG Heuer debuted the pioneering Formula One timepiece. Characterised by vivid colours and innovative resin bezels encasing steel core cases, it marked a pivotal moment in watch design.

Notably, the Formula One watch holds the distinction of being 'TAGs' inaugural collection. Following Techniques d’Avant Garde's [TAG] acquisition of Heuer, the brand was rebranded as TAG Heuer and these were released.

These fun and vibrant watches were exclusively available from 1986 to 1990. Serving as a gateway into the world of horology for many enthusiasts of that era.

These timepieces continue to attract a devoted following, with collectors and enthusiasts avidly seeking uncut straps and flawlessly preserved bezels on the grey market. It was recently disclosed that TAG has ceased production of spare parts for the original watches, heightening their desirability and emphasising the importance of locating pieces in immaculate condition.

Today exciting news Kith x Tag Heuer have teased a revamp...


Their social media teaser featuring a glimpse of a contemporary TAG Formula One dial, complete with the iconic TAG-shaped 12 o'clock indices, mercedes style hour hand and the signature minute markers, hints at a fusion of vintage charm with modern flair.

The caseback is adorned with Kith's branding and a limited edition number out of 1350, signalling that this could be an exceedingly limited run of watches.


Throughout its history, TAG Heuer has cultivated relationships with prominent motorsport events and drivers, leading to the creation of iconic timepieces like the Formula One.

However this new collaboration with Kith and TAG's recent Malbon collaboration,  is appealing to a younger audience, bringing the brand and their watches into the modern era of 2024.

Stay tuned May 1st, 8am EST, for the reveal on Kith's website

Who are Kith?


Since their inception in 2011, Kith has evolved into a multifaceted brand, offering a unique blend of lifestyle products and innovative retail experiences. With flagship stores designed in collaboration with Snarkitecture, they cater to a diverse audience with a curated selection of own label to carefully chosen multi-brand apparel and footwear.

For our readers in the UK, Kith's concession can be found within Selfridges London.


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