Ed Sheeran's Exclusive G-SHOCK Watch: A Must-Have for Music Lovers


Ed Sheeran Subtract Album cover

Ed Sheeran's latest collaboration with Hodinkee brings you a limited edition G-SHOCK watch inspired by his latest album, Subtract. This unique timepiece is now available for you to own, it's not just a watch – it's a statement piece that reflects Sheeran's musical artistry. Ed is known for his love of Horology, from lowkey Toy Watches to 'one off' custom pieces with the worlds biggest Watch Brands.

Ed sheeran wearing Patek Phillipe Tiffany

The G-SHOCK Ref. 6900 - Subtract by Ed Sheeran draws its inspiration from the album artwork of Sheeran's latest musical creation, Subtract. The watch features a robust resin case and strap, both in a vibrant and daring yellow. The black watercolour splatters on the strap take cues from the album's peripheral artwork, creating a unique, artistic touch. The watch also includes a black strap keeper and uses solid black accents on the case, highlighting the mode and start/stop functions. The dial has a custom design sporting the 'subtract' logo and artwork from the Album cover.

This watch is a limited and highly collectable so be sure to not miss out - register your interest with MGB to be notified when this watch is in stock.

 Ed Sheeran GSHOCK

After three incredible collaborations in three years with John Mayer Editions, it felt like it was time for Hodinkee to continue the legacy of their ongoing G-SHOCK collaborations by bringing in a few friends of the show to design their own limited edition watch. Ed Sheeran and John Mayer, both musicians and avid watch collectors, have bonded over their love of things that take time - whether the perfect album or the perfect collection.

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G-SHOCK was brought to life in 1983 with a singular mission: to create the world's most enduring timepiece. The legend goes that to test the initial prototypes designed by Kikuo Ibe, he dropped them out of a bathroom window from a height of 30 feet. This gravity-defying shock protection test worked flawlessly, and when these timepieces reached the public, they became an instant sensation. This ground-breaking concept gave rise to a multitude of models in various colours. Over 35 years and a staggering 100 million watches later, it's clear that this unconventional yet resilient timepiece has made an indelible mark on the world of watches. Owning a G-SHOCK has become a must for any watch enthusiast.

History | Casio G-SHOCK


Ed Sheeran Moonswatch

Ed Sheeran Wearing Blancpain x Swatch Watch

Ed Sheeran is a huge Swatch fan; seen recently sporting an Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch - Mission to the Moon, and the Blancpain x Swatch - Atlantic! Check out our availability by shopping the collection.

Discover Swatch x Omega Moonswatch: Reach for the planets | MGB Collec – MGB WATCHES

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