MGB experiences festival of speed

MGB experiences festival of speed

A Devastating Blow: Goodwood Festival of Speed Cancelled After 30 Years

Luxury watches and fast motorcars are intrinsically linked through their shared emphasis on precision timing, craftsmanship, and mechanical engineering; the team at MGB Watches has a huge passion for their motorsport, from the cars we own to the love of motorcar racing. Having spoken with many of our clients they feel the same; whether that be style and personal expression, collectability and rarity or just the exceptional feat of engineering that both horology and motorcars share. Goodwood is a clash of both of these worlds and it didn't take long to notice the theme of Chronograph wearers timing the fastest cars up the hill. We urge our clients to visit Goodwood festival of speed, you will enjoy it as much as you love your beautiful timepiece on your wrist.

Having said that our weekend started on Friday evening when we received news that shook us to the core. The much-anticipated Goodwood Festival of Speed, an event that has captivated motorsport & watch enthusiasts for three decades, was abruptly cancelled for the Saturday punters, due to high winds and relentless poor weather. Our hearts sank, and a wave of disappointment washed over the group. The realisation that this iconic festival would not take place for the first time in 30 years left us in a state of disbelief.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed has always been a beacon of exhilaration, a place where the spirit of motorsport comes alive. It's a celebration of speed, precision, and the relentless pursuit of automotive excellence. To witness the cancellation of such an esteemed event due to unpredictable weather conditions was a bitter pill to swallow. The thought of missing out on the heart-pounding moments, the awe-inspiring displays of automotive brilliance, and the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts was truly disheartening.

While safety should always be a top priority, and the organisers undoubtedly made the right decision, it doesn't erase the profound disappointment felt by all who had eagerly awaited this annual event. The absence of the festival of Speed this year Saturday will be deeply felt, leaving a void in the hearts of motorsport enthusiasts across the globe. Thankfully the MGB team were fortunate enough to have access to the full weekend, and after a few phone calls to the wives we were allowed to stay for the Sunday event. Whilst we enjoyed the Sunday, and are in an extremely fortunate position we feel for everyone who couldn't make the event and hope they get the opportunity next year.


Many beers later (Seemed the most sensible way to recover from Saturday's news), we rocked up nice and early to to make the most of Sunday. With the event opening from 7am it was a great way to make up lost time from Saturday. needless to say we had an absolute blast; truly a day to remember. From visiting the supercar paddock, to clinking drinks on the Goodwood house balcony, to timing the McMurtury's record breaking time up the hill, we highly recommend festival of speed to all of our clients and urge you to purchase the highest grade of ticket that you can afford.
MGB Watches was fortunate enough to secure unprecedented access to the event this year. This exclusive opportunity allowed the team to immerse themselves in the thrilling atmosphere of one of the most prestigious automotive events in the world. With this privileged access we witness the awe-inspiring displays of speed, innovation, and timeless design; gaining invaluable inspiration for the curation of our up and coming of 'watches - motorsport defined'. The celebration of 75 Years of Porsche and 30 Years of Festival of speed made the event extra special, closing off the day with full access to the Porsche fleet outside the front of Goodwood house; truly a weekend to remember!
75 Years of Porsche Goodwood
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The Kennels Goodwood Club

The Kennels Goodwood Club is a prestigious and exclusive private members' club located on the historic Goodwood Estate. The Kennels offers a unique blend of timeless elegance, world-class hospitality, and a rich heritage. Originally built as the Duke of Richmond's hunting lodge in the late 18th century, it has since been transformed into a sanctuary for members to indulge in the finest experiences. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, the Kennels Goodwood Club provides a great home for the weekend in-between visiting the track. The parking offered at the Kennels Club allows you to beat the traffic into the main event and there is a chauffeur service from the Kennels up to the back entrance of Festival of speed, located near the Cartier lawn. We highly recommend joining the Goodwood Kennels if Goodwood is a regular occurrence for you.
Rolls Royce at The Kennels Club
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The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a thrilling and immersive event that caters to automotive enthusiasts and fans of speed and innovation. You can experience a wide range of exhilarating activities and attractions. Displays of iconic racing cars, both vintage and contemporary, as they take on the iconic hill climb course. You can marvel at the precision and skill of professional drivers as they navigate the challenging track. Additionally, you have the opportunity to explore the paddocks, getting up close to rare and legendary cars, and even interact with drivers and teams. The festival also features dynamic displays, where historic and modern race cars perform incredible demonstrations of power and agility. You can explore various exhibition areas, where you can discover the latest automotive technologies. The Goodwood Festival of Speed offers a truly immersive and unforgettable experience for anyone passionate about cars, racing, and the thrill of speed!
We advise wearing your best chronometer to time these cars up the hill.
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