MoonSwatch Snoopy: Could this be the end of the Swatch x Omega Moonswatch collaboration?

MoonSwatch Snoopy: Could this be the end of the Swatch x Omega Moonswatch collaboration?

Another chapter beckons, we stand on the cusp of unveiling another exclusive Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch Moonshine marvel. This time it looks like Swatch are bringing out the big guns! This release of the next Moonshine Gold looks to be the Moonshine Snoopy. We are expecting the hype for this watch to outstrip any MoonSwatch that has come before - find out more here.

Swatch teasing the MoonSwatch Moonshine Snoopy Edition

The intriguing teaser from Swatch known for its mastery in meshing whimsy with elegance, has set the stage with a cryptic preview of its newest Moonshine marvel. Named after the primal and mysterious Wolf Moon, this teaser has captured all our imaginations with an iconic vignette: the beloved beagle, Snoopy, poised in a lunar serenade. Perched atop the Moonshine collection's coveted box, Snoopy's silhouette against the moon's glow is a poetic nod to the series' evolution. 


What does the Moonshine Snoopy Edition look like?

We don't have any official visuals from Swatch, however the iconic Omega x Snoopy range provides inspiration to draw from. These fun renders could be an idea of what's to come! More Images to follow once the watch has been announced.


What is a Moonshine MoonSwatch edition?

Unfolding the Moonshine edition's saga since the inaugural launch in February 2023, the Moonshine Edition has become synonymous with exclusivity and innovation. Each full moon has heralded a new release, from Strawberry Moon & Pink Moon to Beaver Moon & Floral Moon the year long collection was incredibly exciting. January's Wolf Moon remained untouched by the Moonshine magic—until now! This upcoming release is not just a timepiece; it's a full-circle moment, a crowning jewel that completes the Moonshine's missing January model. Snoopy is the piece de resistance!

The Moonshine Edition is a storied collection, comprising the original eleven moonswatches, each a tribute to a full moon's mystique. Explore or Shop the entire 2023 Moonshine collection

Anticipating the final Moonshine: Snoopy 

The January MoonPhase is know as the Wolf Moon, Our sights are set on what we believe to be the grand finale of the Moonshine narrative—a timepiece that promises to encapsulate the essence of the Omega Speedmaster Snoopy. In the instagram teaser Snoopy is clearly Howling at the Moon, the final Easter Egg that this watch sits within the Moonshine Collection, as a Wolf Moon - Moonshine. This alliance of Omega's precision and Swatch's playful spirit has perpetuated a fascination with Snoopy, an emblem that graces various collections, embodying a shared passion for storytelling through timekeeping.

Where can I buy the Moonshine Snoopy Edition

The whereabouts of this release remain shrouded a closely guarded secret and no details are yet known. We expect this to be the most popular and most exclusive MoonSwatch release, so to be among the first to get your hands on this exclusive release sign up to get access before anyone else! The official Wolf Moon Moonphase date is 25/01/24, so perhaps time to dust off the camping chairs?!

See an updated blog on Snoopy Moonshine dated 5th February 


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