Swiss Street Artist Rylsee Blends Street Art and Luxury Watches in Stunning Tudor Mural

Swiss Street Artist Rylsee Blends Street Art and Luxury Watches in Stunning Tudor Mural

Cyril Vouilloz, known as Rylsee, renowned for his street art prowess, embarks on a monumental project at Tudor's HQ. Scaling the heights of creativity, Rylsee adorns an entire factory wall with a mural, meticulously painted by his own hand.

Who is Rylsee?

The Swiss artist, based in Berlin, has honed his craft across various art forms, including graffiti, graphic design, hand lettering, and innovative typography. Drawing inspiration from everyday moments, urban landscapes, and a love for skateboarding, his work is infused with a desire to evoke joy.

Having collaborated with renowned brands such as Nike, Ikea, and Converse in the past, he's crafted unique pieces of art that infuse these brands with a youthful and edgy vibe.


This captivating journey began long before paint met concrete. Hailing from Geneva's underground skate scene, Rylsee's artistic evolution culminated in Berlin's street art scene. Yet, it all starts with a blank canvas—or in this case, a sheet of paper. Delving into the essence of TUDOR, Rylsee meticulously sketches ideas, weaving them into a cohesive theme that blankets multiple stories.


@Rylsee seen sporting the Tudor Black Bay Ceramic 41mm


Tudor's recent shift towards a more playful and edgy direction suggests a strategic move to capture the attention of a younger audience. This departure from its traditional image reflects a desire to appeal to a new generation of customers who are drawn to vibrant and dynamic brands. With a history of solid partnerships with prominent figures in sports like Red Bull, David Beckham, the All Blacks Rugby Team, and for 2024 the Visa CashApp RB F1 Team. Tudor is now exploring a fresh perspective, aiming to resonate with the evolving tastes and preferences of contemporary consumers.

Check out Rylsee's site here


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