Swatch x Blancpain: Ocean of Storms - New Moon

Swatch x Blancpain: Ocean of Storms - New Moon 11.01.2024

The hottest collaboration of 2024 has landed "Ocean of Storms" Blancpain x Swatch 

Updated Article 9/1/2024

What we leaked earlier this week is finally here! Swatch x Blancpain are adding a sixth product to the existing Fifty Fathoms collection. The new release is called "Ocean of Storms - New Moon" and will retail at £350 ($400). To us this says that Swatch are not stopping anytime soon with these collaborations, so what will we see next? Swatch x Seamaster, Swatch x Audemars Piguet...I think we all know what we want to see.

Taking a closer first look at the Ocean of Storms, this is a true Homage to the Fifty Fathoms collection that we all wanted to see in the first Blancpain x Swatch release. 

Updated Article 8/1/2024:

A new Swatch x Blancpain collaboration is coming!

Exciting news for all watch enthusiasts and fans of the Swatch x Blancpain collaboration! The mysterious "Ocean of Storms" watch that had us speculating for weeks has finally been teased on Swatch socials today validating our earlier conjectures and igniting a fresh wave of excitement.

What we know so far Exciting Teaser Reveals New Watch Launch for 11.01.2024 

Swatch have drop their teaser on socials confirming the new watch release will be on 11.01.2024. Swatch has set the stage for this exciting release by updating their homepage with captivating "Ocean of Storms, New Moon content." The transformation of their website has not gone unnoticed, and it's clear that something extraordinary is on the way. The new homepage design reflects the theme and anticipation surrounding this upcoming watch release!

Instagram clues and conformation

For those who follow Swatch on Instagram, you've likely seen the same cryptic content which we found 3 days ago in Japanese and European Newspapers - further confirming the importance of the 11.01.2024 date. Swatch's Instagram pages have been abuzz this morning with their teasers and hints, leaving fans eagerly speculating about what's in store.

Swatch (@swatch) • Instagram photos and videos

What will the Swatch x Blancpain Ocean of Storms watch look like?

Continue reading to explore our initial speculations about the watch. However, an image shared by friends of MGB features the Fiat 500, poised to take the spotlight in the marketing campaign for this upcoming release. What immediately catches the eye is the dominant black and grey theme, strongly hinting at the aesthetics of the watch. Furthermore, the presence of the "Fifty Fathoms" branding and the iconic yellow Peli case, historically used in Swatch stores to showcase the Original five Blancpain Swatches, adds an exciting layer of intrigue to this already captivating teaser.

Early speculation 5/1/2024

Exciting news has emerged from the watchmaking world, and you heard it here first at MGBWATCHES. A cryptic message found in tonights Dutch FD Newspaper, [page 5] hints at a new collaboration between Swatch and Blancpain, sparking intrigue and anticipation within the MGBWATCHES Team.

Find the sneak peak article here: Krant | Het Financieele Dagblad ( (change the date to the 5th January 2024)

The message, "Ocean of Storms, New Moon Launching 11.01.2024," has left the team wondering if this heralds the arrival of a year long 'one off' Swatch x Blancpain, Fifty fathoms collaboration; in the same style as the Monthly Swatch x Omega MoonShine Editions

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In this blog, we'll dissect the clues and explore what to expect from this mysterious release.

Decoding the Clues:

The key indicators that have piqued our interest are the use of the phrase "Ocean of Storms" and the mention of a "New Moon", we are also intrigued by the font which is recognisable from the early Blancpain x Swatch Collaboration" Let's delve into these clues and see what they might signify.

The Ocean of Storms Font:


Swatch x Blancpain: Ocean of Storms - New Moon

Firstly, above image is from the FD Newspaper - it's intriguing to note that the font used for "Ocean of Storms" text closely resembles the font seen on the packaging of Swatch's current Blancpain watches. See below the font from the lid of a current Swatch x Blancpain Arctic Ocean Box. Pay special attention to the letters 'N' and 'A,' as they appear strikingly similar. This is our biggest hint at a connection between this new launch being of the same collection


If you're hearing about the Swatch x Blancpain collaboration for the first time, check out our blog post from the September 2023 launch


What is the name of the new Swatch x Blancpain release?

Ocean of Storms: New Moon [Oceanus Procellarum]


Where does Ocean of Storms name come from?

The term "Ocean of Storms" is not just a catchy phrase but holds lunar significance. Oceanus Procellarum, commonly known as the "Ocean of Storms," is a vast lunar mare on the Moon's near side. It's mention could suggest a lunar theme for the upcoming release. The "New Moon" reference might imply a fresh beginning, possibly a new watch model that pays homage to the Moon and its exploration. With the success of the Mission to the Moon and Mission to Mercury MoonSwatches, it would make sense to pay tribute to the Original Stanless Steel Fifty Fathoms with a Black/Grey/Graphite style colourway.


What will the Ocean of Storms - New Moon be like?

To anticipate what we might see in this upcoming release, let's look back at the previous Blancpain x Swatch collaboration. The original Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms Collection celebrated the first true diver's watch, the Fifty Fathoms, created 70 years ago. These playful Swatch versions drew inspiration from the world's five major oceans, featuring unique colorways and nudibranch-inspired glass backed designs. For the Ocean of Storms New Moon Version, we are speculating a design reflecting the colorways of a full blown Blancpain Stainless Steel and black version, continuing the tradition of paying homage to iconic timepieces.


Key Features of a Swatch x Blancpain:


Here are some key features from the five existing models, we anticipate the new release to have similar features:
  • A sleek 42.3mm diameter and a slender 14.4mm thickness.
  • Comfortable 48mm lip-to-lug distance.
  • Lightweight at just 44g for effortless wear.
  • Self-winding SISTEM51 mechanical movement with a 90-hour power reserve.
  • Water-resistant up to 91 meters.
  • A one-directional Bioceramic bezel with 120 meticulously crafted teeth.
  • Grade A Super-LumiNova for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.
  • A durable dial protected by a biosourced material with an anti-scratch coating on the glass.

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What is Ocean of Storms: New Moon release date?

Based on this information seen today, its almost certain that the Swatch x Blancpain: Ocean of Storms - New Moon Edition will launch on January 11, 2024. This watch may be not be limited, but availability may vary by store. Interested buyers can typically purchase one watch, per person, per store, per day at selected Swatch stores.


Where can I buy Ocean of Storms: New Moon?

For our UK readers, we anticipate the collection will be available at Swatch stores in London; see their store look up to find your nearest location. You will also be able to buy from us directly. Just leave your email with us and we will communicate further. MGB Collection: Sign up for all exclusive drops – MGB WATCHES

Stores (

Stay tuned for this exciting collaboration between, as the Ocean of Storms New Moon Edition promises to be a unique addition to the world of horology. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this fascinating partnership. Leave your email with us via the homepage and we will update further over the coming days!



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