Welcome to Day 9 of the exhilarating Sotheby's MoonSwatch MoonShine gold auction! As we delve deeper into this captivating event, the anticipation continues to mount, promising yet another day filled with excitement and intrigue. If you've been following along closely, you're in for another treat. And if you've missed any of the action thus far, now's the perfect time to catch up on all the thrilling updates.

Within this auction, Sotheby's is presenting 11 sets of the highly sought-after MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold collections, spanning from February 12th to 24th. What makes this event even more special is that every bid contributes to the noble cause of supporting the Orbis Charity, amplifying the significance of this already extraordinary occasion.

As part of our ongoing tribute to this auction, the MGB team has embarked on a daily deep dive, immersing ourselves in the exploration of each unique timepiece within this remarkable collection. Our quest has taken us to Swatch stores around the world, as we grew our own collection of these iconic watches. 


On day nine the bids have soared beyond expectations, propelling the price of each case well above its initial estimate of CHF 5,000 – 10,000 (£4,500 – £9,000). With every lot commanding a staggering price tag exceeding CHF 30,000, it's clear that these exquisite timepieces knows no bounds.

At present, the crown jewel of the collection, the New York City case, reigns supreme as the most coveted, with bidding soaring to an impressive CHF 45,000 (£39,700).

At an average price of approximately £3,630 per watch, these coveted timepieces far surpass their retail value of £250. Paris's suitcase has garnered substantial interest, boasting a high bid of CHF 38,000, closely followed by London's at CHF 35,000.

But it's not just the watches themselves that exude luxury and exclusivity. Each suitcase boasts unique embellishments, including a golden monocle adorned with the Omega x Swatch logo, along with a bespoke coin engraved with the three-letter aviation code corresponding to its designated city This same code is elegantly etched onto the side of every watch nestled within the suitcase, adding a personalised touch to each timepiece.


This mesmerizing timepiece, unveiled in 80 cities on October 29th and 30th, 2023, pays homage to the iconic OMEGA Speedmaster CK 2998-3 FAP, which first made its mark in 1961. Distinguished by its timeless design and heritage, this watch boasts a striking lollipop seconds hand crafted from OMEGA's prestigious 18kt Moonshine Gold, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to its aesthetic.



At the heart of this one off Mission to the Moon timepiece lies a unique and enchanting feature – a lollipop seconds hand crafted from OMEGA's Moonshine™ Gold. What makes this lollipop seconds hand truly special is the hidden signature that glows in the dark, adding an element of mystery to the watch.

A Tribute to the OMEGA Speedmaster CK 2998-3 FAP

This Mission to the Moon Lollipop watch is a heartfelt tribute to the iconic OMEGA Speedmaster CK 2998-3 FAP, a legendary timepiece from 1961. It pays homage to the last Speedmaster with the 2998 reference that boasted the distinctive chronograph lollipop seconds hand. This design element is a nod to the rich heritage of the Speedmaster collection. While the CK 2998-3 itself did not go to space, its predecessor, the CK 2998, was one of the watches tested by NASA during the selection process for astronaut timepieces. Its rarity and historical significance make it a collector's dream, as it represents an early version of the Speedmaster series.


The MoonShine Lollipop stands out as a remarkable addition to the MoonShine collection. Paying tribute to a classic Speedmaster, its vintage-inspired touch seamlessly blends with modern sophistication, making the watch truly captivating. Out of the 11x watches within the MoonShine collection, this timepiece holds a special place as one of our personal favourites.

Exclusively sold at the Oxford Street branch in the UK, this watch was available for just one day, adding to its exclusivity. Its stunning design and craftsmanship made it well worth the 14-hour queue, leaving a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to acquire it. 

Follow the Sotheby's auction here, and explore our MoonShine Collection to get your hands on one of these exquisite timepieces!


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