Sotheby's MoonSwatch Auction Day 5: Strawberry Moon

Sotheby's MoonSwatch Auction Day 5: Strawberry Moon

We are pleased to provide an update on Day 5 of the Sotheby's MoonSwatch MoonShine gold auction. Over the past 24 hours, there has been an impressive move forwards, further highlighting the excitement surrounding this extraordinary event. For those who are just joining us for this incredible auction, I encourage you to refer to our previous blog post for a comprehensive overview of the proceedings.

As a reminder, Sotheby's is showcasing 11 sets of the highly sought-after MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold collections throughout this auction, which is taking place February 12th to 24th. It is important to note that all proceeds from the sales will be directed towards the Orbis Charity, underscoring the charitable aspect of this event.

As a part of our tribute to this auction, the MGB team is engaging in a daily deep dive of every watch in this extraordinary collection! Together, we've patiently waited in line at Swatch stores worldwide for these timepieces, and we're thrilled to divulge the insights and experiences we've had during our quest to acquire our own set of these exceptional one off pieces!


As of 13:00 GMT, the collective bids for all lots have surged to an impressive 312,000 Swiss francs, marking a remarkable 41,000 CHF increase from the previous day. Particularly noteworthy is the heightened activity seen in the Paris lot, which has jumped 10K in the last 24 hours; 32,000 CHF in bids!

40,000 CHF Moonshine

However, stealing the spotlight and surpassing all expectations is the JFK New York lot, commanding an astonishing 40,000 CHF (£36,000 / $45,000). This amount exceeds four times the top end of Sotheby's initial predictions, showcasing the fervent interest and competitive bidding for these exclusive timepieces. 


The strawberry moon, occurring in June, signifies the beginning of summer with its lush symbolism of warmth and abundance. As the first full moon of the season, it signals the transition from spring to summer, setting the stage for longer days and the fruition of nature's bounty. Named for its alignment with the ripening of fruits like strawberries, this celestial event holds a rich history rooted in ancient traditions. Occasionally coinciding with the summer solstice, it adds an extra layer of enchantment to an already captivating phenomenon, reminding us of the timeless connection between the cosmos and earthly cycles of growth and harvest.

Strawberry Moon

The newest addition to the MoonShine watch collection was made available in 82 cities globally and was exclusively offered for purchase on July 3rd, 2023, for a single day. Thankfully, for those in the UK, it was accessible at 2 London stores and the Manchester Trafford store. 



What made this particular release intriguing was the initial market reaction, which following the social media teaser two days prior wasn't overwhelmingly positive. The London stores experienced minimal queues, and it took nearly two days for the watches to sell out. The initial renders of the Strawberry Moon didn't fully capture its essence, with some customer commentary likening it to a "kiddies' watch." 

Strawberry MoonShine

However, upon closer inspection, and getting hands on with the watch, it revealed its true beauty. The gold accents contrasting against the red pattern of the strawberries created a stunning visual effect. In certain lighting conditions, the flash of gold was breath-taking, while the predominant colour remained vibrant red. Overall, it was a delightful homage to the Strawberry Moon event, offering both fun and elegance to its wearers.

Despite the initial reaction to the watch, it has now become highly collectible and exceedingly rare to find on the grey market. Since it will never be sold in stores again, this auction presents a unique opportunity for you to acquire one for yourself!

Be sure to keep an eye on the Sotheby's auction here, and explore our MoonShine Collection to get your hands on one of these exquisite timepieces!



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