Sotheby's MoonSwatch Auction Day 4: Floral Moon

Sotheby's MoonSwatch Auction Day 4: Floral Moon

Day 4 of the Sotheby's MoonSwatch MoonShine gold auction has witnessed a remarkable surge in activity over the last 24 hours. If you're just joining us for this incredible auction, make sure to check out our previous blog post for a detailed overview.

Sotheby's is presenting 11x sets of the sought-after MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold collections during this auction, which runs from February 12th to 24th, with all proceeds from the sales going to the Orbis Charity

As a part of our tribute to this auction, the MGB team is engaging in a daily deep dive of every watch in this extraordinary collection! Together, we've patiently waited in line at Swatch stores worldwide for these timepieces, and we're thrilled to divulge the insights and experiences we've had during our quest to acquire our own set of these exceptional one off pieces!

@MGB's Black Edition - Moonshine Collection shown below

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As of 19:00 GMT, the collective bids for all lots have soared to a staggering 272,000 Swiss francs. Remarkably, within the past 24 hours alone, the lots have had fresh bids amounting to a 103,000 CHF move forwards day on day. This surge in activity is truly extraordinary!

Each lot within the 11x sets has now surpassed the impressive threshold of 20,000 CHF, demonstrating remarkable interest; notably double the top end of Sotheby's initial predictions. Furthermore, the New York (JFK) lot has surged back into first place with a substantial bid of 28,000 CHF.


JFK Moonshine SothebysAs day four concludes on a positive note, a substantial amount has been raised for the Orbis Charity, showcasing the generosity and passion of the bidders. The question now arises: Which country will be the first to surpass the 30,000 Swiss Franc milestone?


Following the success of the initial three limited edition Moonshine watches, the fourth edition of the Moonshine timepiece was introduced for the upcoming month's full moon - the Floral Moon!

The Floral Moon, also known as the Flower Moon, is the full moon in May. This was named for the abundant blooming of flowers, marking the onset of spring and symbolising renewal after winter. It's also know as the the Budding Moon or Leaf Budding Moon, signifying the emergence of new spring growth. This full moon typically indicated it was time for sowing seeds for the upcoming farming season.

This latest collection of MoonShine watches was accessible in 77 cities worldwide and was exclusively available for purchase on June 3rd 2023, for one day only. Fortunately for us, it was also available in London, which meant we didn't have to travel to far this time! The team and I took on the 24 hour queue at the stunning, recently opened Battersea Power station Swatch store.





The watch was truly was stunning. It's standout feature was the iconic 18kt coated OMEGA's Moonshine™ Gold seconds hand, adorned with an etched wild flower design, which added a distinctive touch. The deep engraving gave the hand a mesmerising effect, sometimes appearing silver and other times gold, depending on the light. This exquisite timepiece exuded elegance and charm in every detail and was a fantastic fourth addition to the MoonShine collection.


 MoonShine Floral

I'm sure you'll agree that the Floral Moon edition was a beautiful addition to the Moonshine collection. This marked the first Moonshine event that opened up globally across multiple cities, with more watches available. Any guesses on how many were sold would be purely speculative but based on our queuing experience, we estimate between 200-250 were sold before they completely sold out at the London store.

If you're not inclined to wait for the Sotheby's auction to end or perhaps aren't keen on purchasing an all 11 set, explore our collection of Moonshine Edition Watches to acquire one for yourself. Each piece was directly obtained by our team queuing at these unique Moonshine events! The Floral Moon specifically is linked here

What exciting milestone will the auction hit next? Which country will reign supreme? Tune in tomorrow for day four to find out!

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