Sotheby's MoonSwatch Auction Day 2: Worm Moon

Sotheby's MoonSwatch Auction Day 2: Worm Moon

The first full day of the Sotheby's MoonSwatch MoonShine gold auction has kicked off with remarkable momentum! Sotheby's is currently presenting 11x sets of the much-desired MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold collections from February 12th to 24th. If you're new to this, please explore our earlier blog post for complete details.

As a reminder of yesterday's blog post, in celebration of these extraordinary lots, we here at the MGB Team will be conducting a daily deep dive into each watch available in this remarkable collection! As we have queued for every single MoonShine Edition watch, we wanted to share our insights and experiences on our journey of collecting these beautiful one-off pieces.

Come along as we delve into the Worm Moon Edition, also known as the Manchester 3, which was launched on April 6th as the second addition to the MoonShine collection.


At this moment, as the clock strikes 21:00 GMT, the amalgamated bidding sums of all lots soar to an impressive 150,000 Swiss francs, reflecting an astounding surge of +31,000CHF in additional bids for the day.

The New York Lot remains at the forefront, commanding a staggering 16,000CHF, closely trailed by both the Swiss and now the Milan lot, locked in a tie for second place, each boasting 15,000CHF.

Day two concludes triumphantly, with a remarkable sum raised for the Orbis Charity, underscoring the generosity and enthusiasm of the bidders.

Auction Sothebys


Following the triumph of the initial limited edition Moonshine watch the previous month, the second edition of the Moonshine timepiece was launched a month later, coinciding with the subsequent full moon [Worm Moon] on April 6th, 2023.



Within the lunar cycle observed by certain cultures, the worm moon embodies a time of revitalisation and renewal. It signifies the thawing of the earth and the resurgence of worms into the soil, enriching the land with vital nutrients and vitality. This lunar phase is intricately associated with the arrival of spring, signalling the emergence of new life after the dormant winter period. As the MoonShine Editions reflect the full moon of each month, this connection is highlighted.

Swatch revealed the teaser on their Instagram page a few days prior to the launch and we eagerly embraced the opportunity to queue once more. This time, the MoonShine launch expanded from four locations, globally, to sixteen! Intensifying the anticipation and excitement surrounding the event. In the UK, the launch took place at the Manchester Trafford Centre; the single biggest shopping centre in middle England. Before grasping the connection to the 'worm moon', the watch had already earned the nickname of the Manchester 3 Moonshine watch within the watch community!

Since the Trafford Centre didn't have a standalone store, the transactions once again occurred at the MoonSwatch Fiat 500's! This time, the queue lasted over 48 gruelling hours, and wrapped around the perimeter of the carpark. The queue was 400-600 people deep! With allegedly 150-200 watches available. Again some unfortunate fans missing out.

The second MoonShine Edition showcased the familiar Mission to the Moon watch design, complete with the now iconic 18kt Moonshine Gold second hand. However, this time, a notable addition was the worm / 3 etched into the base of the seconds hand, adding a unique touch. It was at this juncture that we received word from Swatch officials that this was merely the inception of a year-long event, hinting at a variety of thrilling watches set to debut in the ensuing months.

Nowadays, the Worm Moon watch has transformed into one of the rarest and most challenging MoonShine Edition Watches to acquire, so if you're fortunate enough to possess one, hold onto it tightly!

 Worm 3 Moonshine

Fortunately, for our readers, we still have a few in stock. So, if you're tempted to indulge yourself, surprise a loved one, or simply complete your own MoonShine collection, shop here now!

MGB's Black Moonshine Edition collection featured below

MoonShine Black

Let's see what tomorrow brings as we embark on day three of this exciting auction. Which lot will be the first to break through 20,000 CHF?!

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