Snoopy is back to announce that a black Snoopy MoonSwatch is on its way!

Snoopy is back to announce that a black Snoopy MoonSwatch is on its way!

It's been just five days since the launch of the Mission to the Moonphase (White Snoopy MoonSwatch), Swatch has already given us another cryptic clue on instagram. If we weren't already tired enough from waiting in overnight queues last week, its seems watch collectors and avid fans will all be lining up outside Swatch stores again very soon! If our speculation about this teaser is correct queues could be reminiscent of two years ago when MoonSwatch was first released.

Our beloved beagle is back at it again, this time attempting to blow out the second candle on his birthday cake. In the teaser Snoopy manages to successfully extinguish the white candle, but much to his dismay the black candle stays lit. What could this possibly signify?

Snoopy MoonSwatch Black - Instagram Teaser

Snoopy's gesture suggests that the White (Mission to the Moonphase) is complete, with the black candle hinting at the arrival of the second: another version of the Bio-Ceramic MoonSwatch this time in black. Remember, the watch community waited almost two months from the first teaser until the release on the 26.03.24; so it's not time to start queuing just yet! But, it is worth keeping an eye on Swatches instagram for what will likely be another set of teasers over the coming days and weeks.

After observing the response during this first week of the White Mission to the Moonphase, it seems this new collection could be the most challenging set of watches to acquire. Given the popularity of the darker Mission to Moon and Mission to Mercury watches (from the core 11x MoonSwatches), its clear a Black Snoopy MoonSwatch would undoubtably be the ultimate prize. Every collector is going to want one.

The MGB Team has been speculating release dates and watch design for the last few hours. Will this be an exact like-for-like of the white watch featuring a Moonphase complication? Or will this be something entirely new?

When Will The Black Snoopy MoonSwatch release?

Here are our best guesses for release dates:

  • 08.04.24 - The 8th April is a solar eclipse this would be the perfect symbolism to release a black watch.
  • 11.04.24 - Was the launch date of Apollo 13th. back in 1970. We know this mission was synonymous with Snoopy and Omega
  • 24.04.24 - The 24th April is the next full Moon. Swatch love a full Moon release.

What will the Black Snoopy MoonSwatch look like?

We expect the black version to maintain the same design elements as the White Moonphase, but It would be exciting to see something different. Taking inspiration from Omega's line up of Dark side of the Moon Watches they all differ and feature incredible designs. Whether its incorporating details like the Apollo 8 rocket on the the 9'oclock subdial, or introducing the perforated yellow and black strap, there are numerous possibilities, Lets hope Swatch delivers and does it justice!

Our friends at UTD Designs have mocked up a black version of the Snoopy MoonSwatch for inspiration.


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