Ryan Gosling Wears Carrera 'Glassbox' Chronograph at The Fall Guy Premiere

Ryan Gosling Wears Carrera 'Glassbox' Chronograph at The Fall Guy Premiere

At the recent Los Angeles premiere of his latest film "The Fall Guy," Ryan Gosling surprised attendees by channelling Beavis And Butt head alongside comedian Mikey Day.

The pair brought back their live action versions of the 1990s cartoon characters, which gained fame through a viral sketch on Saturday Night Live.

Gosling initially appeared on the red carpet in a mint green suit and posed for photos with his co-star Emily Blunt. But later, he returned dressed as Beavis in a blonde wig with a prosthetic nose, wearing the character’s signature blue Death Rock T-shirt and black shorts.

Amidst the buzz surrounding Gosling's transformation; one detail certainly didn't escape notice: his choice of timepiece. Gosling sported a Tag Heuer Carrera chronograph, 'the Glassbox,' a striking modern day watch.

Presented in a 39mm steel case with a black leather strap, this timepiece embodies elegance and endurance, much like the Carrera Panamericana race it pays homage to [a gruelling 2096 mile road race across Mexico]. Released in 2023 this updated version of the Carrera has been coined 'The best Tag in years'

In 1963, Heuer unveiled the inaugural Carrera in a 36mm size. Fast forward to the present day, and we have this contemporary 39mm rendition. Featuring a sleek black brushed dial, complemented by Tag's new domed sapphire crystal and silver plated hands and indexes, this version also incorporates three sub-dials in the iconic reverse panda colour scheme, offering a fresh perspective on the classic design. The watch's highly polished lugs and brushed mid case further enhance its appeal, presenting a modern interpretation of a beloved vintage timepiece.

The watch is driven by the automatic TH20-00 movement, this chronograph boasts an 80 hour power reserve and water resistance to 10 bar (100 meters), making it suitable for the most demanding of lifestyles.

Notably, Ryan Gosling is a brand ambassador for Tag Heuer, further solidifying his affinity for the brand's commitment to quality and style. So, as Gosling made his appearance, it wasn't just his portrayal of Beavis that caught attention, but also his impeccable taste in timepieces.

If you're looking to emulate Ryan Gosling's style, you can acquire the Carrera chronograph, the 'Glassbox,' from Tag Heuer for £5,900. With its timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship, this timepiece is sure to elevate any ensemble, just like it did for Gosling at The Fall Guy premiere.



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