MGB Watches Explores Watches and Wonders 2024: Geneva

MGB Watches Explores Watches and Wonders 2024: Geneva

As passionate watch enthusiasts, and as proud owners of an up-and-coming watch business, the opportunity for MGBWATCHES to visit Watches and Wonders 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland was nothing short of a dream come true. Stepping into the heart of horological excellence, surrounded by over 54 prestigious brands including the likes of Rolex, Patek Philippe, A. Lange & Söhne, and Panerai, was an experience beyond compare.

Here, we'll discuss the standout highlights, our top picks from the watches on display, our overall impression of the event and some helpful tips for those who may want to visit in 2025.

It's worth noting that we arrived on day four of Watches and Wonders. While next year, we plan to attend as press and fully immerse ourselves in the event from days one to three, this year, we purchased our tickets and experienced Watches and Wonders as attendees.

We arrived into Geneva Airport on Friday the 12th , the train connection from Geneva Airport to the city centre is incredibly convenient; just two stops and taking a mere 15 minutes. Additionally, our hotel provided us with a complimentary weekend travel pass, enabling us to access buses, trains, and trams across the city at no extra cost. If you visit we advise speaking with your hotel or picking up a weekend travel pass here.

Arriving in the city centre the crisp Alpine air infused us with a sense of adventure. The city's scenic landscapes and rich horological heritage served as an apt backdrop for the event. Everywhere we looked, we encountered Watches and Wonders branding, emphasising the magnitude of the world's largest watch event happening at the Palexpo.


Walking though the city was if it had come alive with the spirit of watchmaking, embracing its role as the epicentre of haute horlogerie for those few exhilarating days. From the elegant storefronts of prestigious watch boutiques to the charming cafes adorned with Watches and Wonders decor, it was clear that Geneva had embraced its role as the host city with open arms. Most brands were actively engaging in marketing activities within their stores to celebrate the weekend. The large Rolex Burcherer store on Rue Du Rhone, for instance, featured a old fashioned styled cart loaded with sweets and treats, while the Tudor store hosted a playful claw game with prizes up for grabs, accompanied by refreshments.


After a quick walk of the city we headed to the exhibition venue, Palexpo. Again worth noting that the city offers free shuttle buses to and from the event. They run every 10 mins and they are completely free of charge.

Upon entering the prestigious world of Watches and Wonders, we encountered an impressive display of craftsmanship and innovation. Each booth showcased a wide range of timepieces, from intricately designed complications to sleek and minimalist styles, highlighting their latest offerings for 2024. What was readily apparent was the meticulous attention to detail and effort invested by each brand in the presentation of their booths. Each booth resembled a lavish showroom, boasting luxurious interiors, fully equipped bars, interactive workshops & master classes, and of course stunning timepieces - demonstrating a commitment to providing visitors with an exceptional experience.

One of the highlights of the event was IWC Schaffhausen's stand. Their design approach and inspiration this year was all centred around the Portugieser Eternal Calendar [their inaugural secular perpetual calendar watch]. Which seamlessly incorporates the leap year exception rules by omitting three leap years over a 400-year cycle. Additionally, the watch boasts a moon phase display of remarkable precision, accurate up to an astounding 45 million years. We had opportunity to engage directly with representatives from IWC. Conversations flowed freely as we discussed everything from technical specifications to design philosophies. It was a rare privilege to gain insights into the minds behind some of the most coveted timepieces in the world. 

The Rolex and Tudor booths, positioned side by side, had significant attention and were among the busiest at the show, as expected. Tudor's line up particularly impressed attendees with remarkable additions to their GMT and Black Bay collections. Notably, the solid yellow gold Black Bay 58 captured admiration for its stunning design and green contrast. Additionally, Tudor's new GMT Coke Bezel and a Black & Stainless Black Bay 58 (Submariner) appealed to a broader audience, both equally captivating timepieces.

Rolex-watches-and- wonders

Our favourite watch of the entire show, is from a less well known Swiss watchmaker with English roots who offers limited and bespoke watches. This absolutely breath taking piece is the Luna Magna by Arnold & Son, limited to just 38 pieces. This watch showcases a meteorite dial, and a remarkable three-dimensional moon phase. The Luna Magna boasts the largest rotating moon relief ever created for a wristwatch, making a lasting impression. Positioned beneath an off-centred dial at 12 o'clock, a rotating sphere meticulously portrays the moon's quarters, exemplifying the distinctive aesthetic signature of Arnold & Son.


Over the Watches and Wonders weekend, there's a packed schedule of events. From insightful conference talks to enlightening guided tours, there's something for everyone. For those looking to make the most out of the experience, we highly recommend investing in a two-day ticket to fully immerse yourself in the event.

Saturday morning proved to be the prime time to explore. Arriving promptly at 8:30 a.m. for the opening, we found ourselves amidst a tranquil atmosphere, almost as if we had the venue all to ourselves. However, as the day progressed, the crowd steadily grew, reaching its peak by 3 p.m. when the venue was bustling with activity.

Sunday, on the other hand, kicked off with bustling energy right from the start. Nearly every brand boasted a queue to enter, with wait times of over 40 minutes to visit renowned names like Jaeger-LeCoultre, Tudor, or Rolex.

Our advice? Arrive early to beat the queues and make the most of your time exploring and enjoying the event to the fullest!


Upon returning to our hotel each evening, we were greeted by the illuminated cityscape adorned with Watches and Wonders branding, serving as a reminder of the memorable experiences awaiting us at Palexpo.


As our journey in Geneva came to an end, we departed with cherished memories of exceptional timepieces and a profound gratitude for the city that provided an ideal setting for such a remarkable event and cant wait to visit again in 2025.

We look forward to delving deeper into the timepieces showcased at Watches and Wonders in the coming days, providing fresh content and insights for our audience. Stay tuned for more updates as we explore the latest offerings from this prestigious event.

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